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WordPress Crash Course

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If you run a small or medium sized business and you are looking for an easy way to advertise and sell your products or services on the Internet, here is an e-commerce opportunity for the small business online.

It is the E-Commerce Associates (ECA) program on the shopping site, a site that is growing in appeal and popularity with each passing day.

There is no cost for qualifying businesses to join the ECA program and no fees to list their products or services. Once an application is accepted, the ECA simply follows the directions to post their product information on the site. … Read the rest of this entry

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You simply have to take advantage of every opportunity to advertise on the Internet if you want to make any progress with your business. A combination of free advertising online and paid advertising is recommended so you cover all the bases. Here is a great ad network that gives you the free option.

It is called “adzly” and while there are paid upgrade options that give you increased benefits, you never have to upgrade or pay for advertising on the adzly network if you don’t want to.

Better yet, there are ways to increase and accelerate the amount of free ads you get, and not only that, but the advertising is targeted! … Read the rest of this entry

Steps to Start Your Internet Home Business

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Not everybody is interested in starting an Internet home business. Not everybody is cut out for it. What it takes is a unique individual with a clear interest in marketing and sales and a sincere initiative in pursuing that interest.

Anyone with any amount of experience working online already knows how to go about getting set up with a website, finding products, services or programs to promote as well as effective ways to advertise and market them.

This blog post is for the absolute beginner who is looking for a step-by-step process to get set up for business and begin marketing their home business online. … Read the rest of this entry

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A lot of Internet Marketers aggressively try to tell you that their opportunity is the best and the only one you should consider. Quite often these are the same marketers that are after you with a different opportunity every few months (or sometimes more often!)

My perspective on ways to begin earning affiliate income is that different things appeal to different people, and it is up to the individual to research and test things to discover what is the best fit for them.

With that in mind, please let me invite you to consider the SFI Marketing Group, a leader in Affiliate Marketing. It costs nothing to check it out and even if you decide the business opportunity is not for you, you can still get unlimited free access to a ton of Internet Marketing training. … Read the rest of this entry

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Wherever you look today, the competition is tough. It doesn’t matter what business, profession or personal activities you participate in, the only way to meet and beat the competition is to gain an advantage by building your knowledge, your skills and your confidence.

It all comes down to personal development, doesn’t it? When you invest in yourself, you are investing in your future. And maybe it’s not just YOUR future? It could even be your family’s future, or the future of others who you are responsible for or care for.

There are many self-improvement resources available to help you. I use and promote materials available from Brian Tracy International. One recommended program is Brian’s Master Strategies for Higher Achievement, available on MP3. … Read the rest of this entry

Eager Zebra Games Offer Extra Online Fun

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I am not a gamer. I know people who spend a lot of time playing online games for the challenge or the competition or simply to pass the time. But I have rarely played online games and not only that, my computer came loaded with games years ago and I have never opened one of them!

It’s not that I don’t enjoy games or think there’s anything wrong with them. I’ve just never fallen into the habit of playing games on my computer or online.

However . . . having said that . . . there is one place online where I DO play a certain type of game for some extra online fun, and that place is Eager Zebra Games on the TripleClicks e-commerce shopping site. You can do lots there besides shopping. I like to participate in some of the guessing games. … Read the rest of this entry

Cast Your Vote in our Monthly Music Contest

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How would you like to help independent music artists get a step up in the industry? You can do this in two ways: first, vote for your favourite artist in our monthly music contest; and second, tell artists about the opportunity to participate in the contest.

Each month, on the shopping site, music artists worldwide are challenged to compete for the best song of the month. TripleClicks members choose the winner by voting for their favourite song.

You don’t have to be a member to listen to the songs, but you do have to sign up if you want to rate songs and vote for them. … Read the rest of this entry

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You may know that I am an active member and marketing affiliate for the e-commerce shopping site. You may not know that in addition to buying and selling items on the site, you can also engage in games, auctions, music and more.

As a matter of convenience, we use something called “TCredits” on the site to conduct many of the activities. Every day, TCredits are playing a bigger and bigger role at TripleClicks, so a special web page was created to highlight the many things you can use TCredits for.

You are welcome to visit the Mighty TCredits page to learn about the eight great ways to use TCredits. I will also list those eight ways here in today’s blog post for your convenience. … Read the rest of this entry

My Home Business Affiliate Focus

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My offline marketing activity is minimal. Local friends and family know me as a freelance writer who works from home. However, my online activity follows a different path. Here is a little bit of insight into my Internet home business affiliate focus.

I wasn’t involved online in the early days of the Internet, but I believe Affiliate Marketing began as a way for website owners to advertise products and services as an ‘affiliate’ of the supplier, earning affiliate income when their efforts produced sales.

Later, network marketing and multi-level marketing companies took to the Internet and introduced the process of building sales teams along with group volume commissions, bonuses and other rewards. … Read the rest of this entry

Professional Web Hosting Above and Beyond

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Professional Internet marketers, and those who aspire to become professional, typically have their own domain and website, and when you have your own website, it is very important to use professional web hosting services.

I have been using Bluehost as one of my hosting service providers for the past few years and I can say from personal experience that they are dependable.

Their range of services is comprehensive and, right now, their hosting starts at the promotional price of just $4.95. You get a lot of services and flexibility for that low price! … Read the rest of this entry

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