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Affiliate Home Business

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Have you ever wanted to start an Affiliate Home Business, but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you already have a home based business, but it isn’t going real well? Help is available to get you started on the right foot, or to get your existing business moving in the right direction.

The Affiliate Power Group (APG) is an online membership site that has the resources, support and encouragement you need to get focused and make money online. Experienced marketing mentors are easily accessible on a daily basis to answer questions and guide you to the success you seek.

There is a cost to join the Affiliate Power Group. It IS a membership site with dues that can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually. But the cost is well worth it. And as they say, really, it is not an expense, it is an investment. Think of the time you will save by learning from others who have gone before you and have worked out the kinks.

A few of the benefits to becoming an Affiliate Power Group member include access to a step-by-step Affiliate Home Business action plan; free WordPress installation on your domain; 70% discounts on ready-made marketing niche sites; APG learning center, including videos; … Read the rest of this entry

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In the previous post, part one of “Wealth Creation Begins With Personal Development,” I noted how all achievement in our life starts with a dream, fueled by desire, and brought into reality through planning and focused action.

The foundation of all achievement is personal development. When we work on developing and improving our skills and abilities, we empower ourselves to achieve anything we can imagine. When we apply this to the process of wealth creation, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

To help illustrate the process of wealth creation through effective personal development, I referred to Brian Tracy’s program, The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement. Specifically, five of the 10 Laws of Wealth Creation highlighted in Session 8 of the popular program. Brian, a bestselling author and renowned professional speaker, is a recognized world leader in the field of personal development and business training.

In this post, we will examine, in brief, the remaining five Laws of Wealth Creation, and please remember that the few details listed here are significantly abbreviated from their original versions available in Brian’s program: Read the rest of this entry

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There is a starting point for everything. First, we dream. Then we nurture the spark of desire for achievement in some area of our life into something more defined, and we take action.

The same process is true for wealth creation. First, we dream of home business income. Then we fan the flames of desire into something more action oriented. We identify the steps that must be taken to move us from concept to realization, and we begin following those steps.

Ultimately, wealth creation begins with personal development.

In one of his most popular personal development training programs, The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement, Brian Tracy devotes a whole session to the Laws of Wealth Creation. He provides insightful detail and inspiration on topics ranging from creative emulation to the laws of desire, purpose, entrepreneurship, bootstrapping, courage, risk, undue optimism, persistence and more.

Let’s take a brief look at the basic ideas behind a few of these universal laws: Read the rest of this entry

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Not only is IMfaceplate a great new site for Social Networking, it is a must have tool for the Internet Marketer! If you want to pump up your affiliate power, jump on this FREE social site right now!

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Do you remember when Twitter was new and how it suddenly caught on like wildfire? Well, this is your chance to ride a new wave of Social Networking right from the beginning. Launched July 1, IMfaceplate is very quickly attracting the attention of Internet Marketers everywhere.

The primary focus of IMfaceplate is to provide marketers with an all-in-one community where they can create content, IMfaceplateconnect with other marketers and customers, and build their personal or business brand. All the tools are there to get the process started, and IMfaceplate is adding and expanding features as we speak!

Consider some of the benefits to this great new social site:

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