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Free Targeted Advertising From Adzly

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The first rule of successful marketing is to get your message in front of as many highly targeted prospects as you can. To help maximize this goal, you might consider using a powerfully viral marketing machine. One way to achieve this is with free targeted advertising from

Adzly is a full-scale professional advertising network where you choose the market category and the network automatically finds the perfect prospects for your ads. It’s like the proverbial “better mousetrap” you’ve always heard about: your ad is the cheese and the adzly network is the path that leads the ideal prospects to your door.

You can set up a free adzly account quickly and easily and have your ads running in no time.

Advertising is a tricky skill to master; even more so when marketing on the Internet because there is so much competition. There was a time when you could use the “shotgun” approach to Internet advertising: you would simply blast your ads out there and hope some of them hit the right people.

Today, that approach is wasteful and inefficient if you hope to enhance your affiliate power. You really have to target the prospects who are best suited for your offers or your advertising will be wasted. Read the rest of this entry

Content Commenting Can Be Enhanced

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Interacting with prospects, customers and fellow marketers is a must today for Internet Marketers and commenting on the website or blog content of others is one way to stimulate meaningful engagement. I read an informative article today that explains how content commenting can be enhanced.

The article, Optimizing the Comment Experience, by Peter A. Prestipino, Editor-in-Chief of Website Magazine, featured five rules of engagement for commenting.

“Commenting on the content of others is one of the great hallmarks of Web Marketing,” Peter explains. He confirms two of the primary benefits of commenting on the content of others: “Not only do you get to participate and share your thoughts with others, but you have the opportunity to generate exposure for your own brand simultaneously.”

The five rules of engagement in Peter’s article suggest best practices for when you comment on other websites and on your own. Included in the rules are tips on how best to deal with unruly comments posted by others. … Read the rest of this entry

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Setting goals and targets is one of the most empowering practices an aspiring marketer can commit to. Another valuable characteristic is the habit of continually analyzing, evaluating and modifying the various aspects of a business. Change is good for your home business, but look before you leap.

It should be emphasized that thorough analysis and evaluation needs to be done before moving into the modification stage. Over the years, I have witnessed far too many home business enthusiasts jumping from one promising program to another or from one product or service to another before giving the first one its proper due.

These unfortunate marketers seem to be trapped on the treadmill of continuous “modification” and never seem to arrive at anything stable and financially productive. They keep switching programs before they have sufficiently developed their own marketing abilities to make the first one work. …

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Home Business Blog Tips

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Social networking sites might be the big thing these days, but do not get fooled into thinking that your home business blog has lost its relevance. In fact, blogging is more important than ever because people want information and your web log is the vehicle that can deliver it.

People know that knowledge is valuable and applied knowledge is powerful. That’s why they seek it. Your aim should be to provide your visitors with the kind of information that they can take away and use to improve their businesses or enrich their lives in some way.

Even though your blog is a marketing tool, you should avoid posting too many promotional messages. Balance your promos with a mix of informative and educational articles related to your niche or the theme of your website.

It can be challenging for a home business entrepreneur to continually come up with new articles and posts to fit the bill, but nobody ever said that marketing was easy.

Well, okay. I guess there are quite a few marketing “gurus” who do try to tell you that marketing is easy, but it isn’t, really… Read the rest of this entry

Social Networking is Nothing New

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The Internet has revolutionized the process of “Social Networking” but in truth, Social Networking is nothing new. If you stop to think about it, it has been around forever.

While the names and references may have changed over the years, the basic idea of social networking has remained the same. Very simply put, social networking is a way that people share, thoughts, experiences and recommendations with each other.

Back in the 1990s, when I was involved in traditional offline “Network Marketing” before I became interested in Affiliate Marketing on the Internet, we used to call social networking either word-of-mouth advertising or referral marketing. Here is how we would explain it:…

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