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Use The Adzly Ad Network For Home Business Success

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Advertising is important because the number one problem for most Internet Marketers is getting enough traffic to their websites. Of the many ways to get traffic, advertising remains a leader. And now, you can use the adzly ad network for home business success.

Affiliate power is all about targeted traffic. Without the right kind of visitors, your dreams of online success may never be realized. The adzly network is designed to put your ads in front of the best prospects possible for whatever you are promoting in a particular ad.

The adzly advertising system is a powerful viral marketing machine. You create ads for your products, services or programs; you choose the targeted market segment that is best for each ad; you earn free ad credits by placing adzly ad widgets on your websites and pages; you introduce this free advertising system to other Internet Marketers; and when they place the ad widgets on their sites and pages, they earn free ad credits and YOU earn free ad credits! … Read the rest of this entry

The Power of Branding

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How important is branding to your affiliate home business? Is branding truly the key to business success? Well, if you want more customers, more sales and more influence and respect within your social business circles, yes you do need to apply the power of branding to your business.

There was a time when branding seemed to be a concern only for the “Big Boys” of business. The little guy didn’t need to be as concerned about it as long as he or she was a good salesperson.

Today, with the World Wide Web, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Social Networking, branding has become a factor for anyone seeking online marketing success. If you want your business to grow, you need to understand what branding is all about and how to get it working for you.

One of the leaders I often turn to for information, insight and advice on developing my home-based Internet business is Brian Tracy and Brian says, “Branding is the key to business success!Read the rest of this entry

Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery

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There have been many influential books written over the years on motivation and achievement. One that has had a lasting effect on me and my home business success is Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery (PMA Book Series), written by the “Dean of Personal Development” himself, Earl Nightingale.

This book, highlighting “six words that changed the author’s life”, shows readers exactly how to apply the same six words to ensure their personal and business success.

The book was published in 1987 and I received a copy from my mother who had borrowed it from our local library. She knew I was interested in books on personal achievement and she had been a fan of Earl Nightingale, who had developed quite a following as a popular radio broadcaster, so she was confident that I would find great value and inspiration in the book.

Well, Mom was absolutely correct. I read the book several times before reluctantly returning it to her, and then I set about searching for a source to buy my own copy. Once I found the source, ordered the book and received it, I quickly read it through a few more times. However, this time, since it was mine, I underlined and marked many of the passages that were especially meaningful to me! … Read the rest of this entry

The Best Social Network to Brand Yourself

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There are many social networking sites on the Internet today and each offers various features and strengths. However, if you are seriously trying to build up your home business income, then let me tell you about the best social network to brand yourself.

I am talking about IM faceplate. If you haven’t heard about it, I don’t know where you have been (LOL, why does EVERY marketer like to say that?) If you are not yet a member of IM faceplate, then keep on reading because you are truly missing out on an incredible business branding opportunity.

IM faceplate is just what the name suggests: it is a place to create your faceplate for Internet Marketing (IM). You can join free and then you can quickly and easily design your online profile using a variety of IM faceplate features and modules.

Once set up, you can use IM faceplate as the springboard that points your prospects to all other resources you use on the Internet, from websites to blogs to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Read the rest of this entry

Website Magazine

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If you’ve been thinking about subscribing to the best industry magazine for website owners and Internet Marketing professionals, now is a great time to do it with the New Year approaching. Every issue of Website Magazine is filled with essential tips and advice, exactly what you need to get focused and inspired for your best year ever!

In this great publication, you will find tips for successful websites, solutions for enhancing website traffic, the latest Internet industry trends and statistics, and news analysis on the industry. Whether you run a corporation, or a small home business, you will find information and inspiration within the pages of Website Magazine that is sure to help you accelerate your success. … Read the rest of this entry