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Internet Home Business Ideas

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Previously, I highlighted the three main product categories used by most online marketers: Products, Services and Content (information products). Now, how about some product types from within those categories? Today, I’ll give you a few specific Internet home business ideas.

Internet Marketing has certainly evolved since its inception not so many years ago. But the basic principle of marketing has remained the same: find a need and fill it.

However, the competition among home business marketers has heated up and along with finding a need and filling it, you must also work at building your image as a trusted and preferred supplier for whatever you choose to promote. Keep that thought in mind as you consider potential products. Starting your business with a narrow product focus and then expanding the line as you become more experienced is one way to approach it. … Read the rest of this entry

Real Home Business Opportunities

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I have been interested in real home business opportunities for a number of years. One thing that I learned long ago was that there are legitimate ways to earn income from home and there are questionable ways. In this post, I’ll give you some tips on identifying the legitimate ones.

I first started my research into home-based businesses way back last century, back in the ‘70s. Magazine ads like “Make Money From Home” and “Earn Part-time Income” caught my eye and I began sending away for books and reports that promised to educate me. Much of the material was enlightening and, in fact, I still have the first such book that I bought: Plan For Mail Order Profits, by David G. Baron, published in 1975.

Today, Internet Marketing is the preferred way to build a home business. In this post, I will highlight the three primary product categories that most home business marketers use to build their businesses. … Read the rest of this entry

Who Else Wants To Write Headlines That Sell?

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Every once in a while you find a resource you simply must share with others. Last week, I found an eBook that will enhance your affiliate marketing power through effective copywriting. Let me ask, who else wants to write headlines that sell?

This eBook will coach you in the art of persuasion and it actually provides you with dozens of “fill-in-the-blanks” headlines you can use right away. Imagine being able to quickly convert your readers from prospects to buyers, and all with the use of well chosen words.

The title of the eBook is “Headlines That Sell.” In addition to giving you a whole list of immediately usable headlines, it explains in detail several factors that go into creating powerful headlines that sellRead the rest of this entry

Get Paid To Work On Your Home Business

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Today, I am excited to share with you some details about a great new competition sponsored by the Affiliate Power Group (APG). You can win some awesome prizes and actually get paid to work on your Home Business!

It’s the APG 4 Week Winter Challenge – do you think you’re up to it? There’s $1,500 worth of prizes available for the taking, and it is open to every Affiliate Marketer, Internet Marketer and home-based entrepreneur who wants to spend the next four weeks building their business, accelerating their success and increasing their home business income.

If that sounds even a little bit like you, then you will absolutely want to read on to find out exactly how this APG competition will benefit your business, whether or not you win the BIG prizes . . . Read the rest of this entry

IM faceplate For Beginners

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These days, anybody working to build their home based Internet Marketing business absolutely must include Social Networking in their plans. And if you are into Social Networking for your online business, then you really need to know about IM faceplate for beginners: it’s free.

In case you are not yet familiar with this relatively new social site, IM faceplate is the place where marketers of ALL experience levels can go to create their Internet presence and effectively brand themselves as leaders and experts in their niche.

If you do not yet have a niche or a particular marketing focus, then IM faceplate is a great place to rub shoulders with others who may have ideas, information and inspiration to help you get focused.

One of the things I like best about IM faceplate – and there are many – is the fact that it has been designed with the needs and interests of the Internet Marketer in mind. … Read the rest of this entry

Affiliate Power: Inside the Affiliate Mind

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Finally, somebody is thinking about Affiliate Marketers; about what we need from affiliate companies to help us be more successful at selling their products. If they want to maximize their affiliate power, they have to get inside the affiliate mind!

Linc Wonham, associate editor with Website Magazine, has an article in the February edition of the publication titled, Inside the Affiliate Mind. In this article, Wonham highlights the fact that companies typically train, support and reward their paid employees, but often overlook giving the same consideration to their affiliates.

Worse yet, some of these affiliate companies point the finger at affiliate marketers when the company’s sales are down! Wonham notes that while there are some companies that do look after their affiliates, there are those that leave a lot to be desired when it comes to affiliate relations.

“The most successful online business owners learn how to get inside the minds of their often misunderstood (affiliate) partners,” says Wonham. There is value in regularly acknowledging the efforts of affiliates and in supporting them any way possible. “The important point is that the more you can do for your affiliates, the more they will do for you.” … Read the rest of this entry

Article Marketing With The Leaders

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What do recognized leaders like Donald Trump, Zig Ziglar and Guy Kawasaki have in common? Well, among other things, they include Article Marketing in their marketing plans. Imagine doing YOUR Article Marketing with the leaders!

The above mentioned high achievers, and many others, have another thing in common: they have articles posted in the article directory at And now, you can post your business and marketing articles in the same directory, free, right alongside theirs.

Not only will you enhance your image as an Internet Marketer by associating with these famous entrepreneurs, but the article directory is also an effective place to brand yourself as an expert in your niche and build additional backlinks to your website. … Read the rest of this entry

The ABCs of Accelerated Success in 2011

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I was initially going to write a simple “Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year” kind of message, but you know me; I can’t leave it at that. So, here are some thoughts and recommendations that I’m calling the ABCs of accelerated success in 2011.

A) This letter stands for Affiliate Marketing and for Advertising. If you are looking for new ways to earn home business income, you can enhance your affiliate power with any of many good affiliate products and services available all across the Internet. And if you are going to promote anything on the World Wide Web, then you NEED a good advertising network to help you get the word out.

Recommendation #1: The Affiliate Power Group (APG), a membership site where you will get the lowdown on the best methods for Affiliate Marketing from experienced online marketing mentors. We’re talking real answers from real people. Plus, a website filled with great resources and a friendly member’s forum where you can exchange ideas and experiences with other entrepreneurs. The APG will help you get seriously focused and on track for a successful 2011. … Read the rest of this entry