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GT Bulmer | Building Backlinks GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

There are many things an active Internet Marketer must do to improve their business. Experienced entrepreneurs agree that building backlinks to get free website traffic is among the most important.

Google is one of the leading search engines online. Identifying which websites link to yours is one of the key ways that Google measures the relevancy of your site. Through this process, Google evaluates your website and connects it with a specific niche market.

When you think about it, backlinks are like votes and the more votes your website gets, the higher ranking it will receive in the search engines, especially when those votes are from high quality sites. … Read the rest of this entry

Join Us In The Friendly Entrepreneur Forums

GT Bulmer | Friendly Entrepreneur Forums GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

It has been more than three years since I joined the Entrepreneur Forums at I’ve made many new friends, have benefited from an incredible amount of insight and have gained some great business exposure.

Many online business and marketing forums have taken a hit these days, what with the dominance of so many social networking sites. But forums still have their place in the overall scheme of things and smart marketers will keep their foot in the door of at least a few forums. It just makes sense to use a variety of marketing methods and maintain a presence in a variety of online social sites, including traditional forums.

I have found the Entrepreneur Forums to truly be a friendly entrepreneur community. You may find friendly Internet Marketers wherever you go, but the Entrepreneur Forums seem to promote the friendly, supportive atmosphere more than some other similar sites that you may visit. … Read the rest of this entry

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