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Internet Marketers value the targeted visitors they get from Google, but most think of that traffic only in terms of the income it could produce. In reality, the benefits go beyond simply making money from search engine traffic.

Of course, the first step to online success is to learn and apply some basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to your websites and to your onsite and offsite content. Your initial goal is to get your site and your web pages to the first pages of the search engine results pages (SERPs) because high rankings in the SERPs usually means more traffic and more sales.

However, besides making sales and income, there are a few other reasons for working hard to get the top search engine spots. Here are four of the key benefits to consider: … Read the rest of this entry

Traffic Tips For Product Review Websites

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Home business enthusiasts often like to write reviews for the products they promote and if this sounds like you, then here are some traffic tips for product review websites. After all, who doesn’t appreciate more free visitors?

Getting more free website traffic is the aim of most methods of marketing. Making a sale is the ultimate aim, but driving traffic to your site is where it all begins. Product reviews are suitable for the purpose and have become a very popular attraction among consumers.

If you include certain elements in your review, as done by marketing pros, you stand to gain increased traffic as well as repeat traffic, as happy visitors bookmark your site so they can return another day to check on what’s new. … Read the rest of this entry

Successful Home Businesses Need This Support

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I appreciate questions from my website visitors and when one asked about the value of the Affiliate Power Group, my response was that successful home businesses need the support that the APG provides.

I have been a member of this group since it first launched a few years ago and I continue to be impressed with the quality and availability of the mentoring and the volume of resources provided.

The purpose of the APG is to provide coaching, mentoring, marketing resources and support to home business enthusiasts and Internet Marketers. While the group excels at providing these services and benefits, there are a few things a prospective member might want to consider before joining. Here are some thoughts I shared with the visitor mentioned above: … Read the rest of this entry

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My previous post on going Beyond the Benefits of Positive Thinking explained that to be truly successful, not only do we have to think positive, but we must also learn to control or manage the negative input that is constantly bombarding us.

Staying calm, composed and positive can be quite challenging when people in our lives inflict their negative attitudes on us, whether it is done deliberately or inadvertently.

The workplace is one example where the potential exists for unhappy people to try to draw us into their negativism. News media is another trouble spot that can potentially drag us down. Acknowledging these danger areas is the first step in managing and reducing their affect on us. … Read the rest of this entry

GT Bulmer | Benefits of Positive Thinking GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

Self-improvement means many things to many people, but you have to go beyond the benefits of positive thinking if you want to experience true progress. Success and achievement means rising above the average way of thinking.

A lot of people get wrapped up in the negative influences that just seem to ebb and flow around each of us throughout our daily lives. It might happen at home, at work or in the various social and community groups that we support and participate in.

Wherever it happens, we have a responsibility to our own well-being to do what we can to break free from negative thinking and allow only positive, constructive thoughts and attitudes to guide our actions and responses. … Read the rest of this entry

Why Do a Barrel Roll?

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If someone tells you to do a barrel roll, there is only one reason to do it: just for the fun of it! Well, that’s according to Google, the source of the online ‘barrel roll’ novelty. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read on.

Recently, simply to entertain Internet users, a Google engineer created a unique response when the query “do a barrel roll” is typed into the search engine: the screen does a barrel roll!

Try it yourself. Go to Google’s homepage, type in the words “do a barrel roll” and click Enter. Unless you have an older browser, you should see the cool barrel roll effect. … Read the rest of this entry

Social Networking In Business Takes Planning

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Social networking in business takes planning if your goal is to create customers and make sales. You can’t approach it from a traditional selling point of view or from a traditional social networking point of view.

With traditional selling, you put your sales message out there and try to attract a targeted prospect, someone with a serious interest in what you are selling. They contact you or visit your website looking for more information about your product or service. If they have made it that far, chances are they want you to convince them to buy.

With traditional social networking, sharing is the foundation, not marketing or selling. The purpose of building a social network is to provide you, and them, with a circle of like-minded friends and acquaintances who share information and recommendations. This does not typically involve you trying to push a product on them that you are selling and are obviously biased towards. … Read the rest of this entry

What is Google Page Rank?

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What is Google Page Rank? Most marketers know that it is a link assessment algorithm used by the Google search engine to determine the significance of a web page. It was named in tribute to Google co-founder, Larry Page.

Everybody wants a simplified explanation of what Page Rank is, but in reality the algorithm is far more complicated than people realize. In fact, it defies easy definition.

Still, the debate goes on as to which search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are best used to help improve a site’s Page Rank and it’s positioning in the search engines. Some techniques seem to work for some marketers sometimes.

However, as we all know, the Page Rank algorithm is subject to periodic adjustment and we can never know for sure exactly which SEO factors we should be focusing on at a given time to get the best results. … Read the rest of this entry