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Can You Build A Successful Online Business?

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The question really is do you have what it takes to build a successful online business? All the resources are out there. Anybody can do it, but the surprising thing is only a small percentage of people succeed. Can you be one of them?

It’s funny about people. Everybody says they want success and achievement, but few are willing to put in the necessary time and effort. And yet, if you follow a few basics and apply yourself in the beginning, your efforts will produce results that will compound with many benefits over time.

I am an active affiliate with the SFI Marketing Group. SFI has a unique marketing and affiliate compensation plan that is designed for Internet Marketing success. That is, if you are able to follow the SFI basics. They are pretty simple, really. … Read the rest of this entry

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It had been years since I visited an online auction. Then, a few weeks ago, I was introduced to the Pricebenders Penny Auction site and wow, what bargains there are to be had! Electronics, software, gold and silver coins and much more!

Every auction starts at just one cent and the price goes up by one cent with each new bid placed. Name brand products are going for a fraction of their regular retail price and if you are there and bid at the right time, you might pick up some valuable items for less than $1.00.

But, I’ve got to warn you: Pricebenders Penny Auctions can be captivating! Perhaps even a little bit – dare I say – addictive? If you are going to participate, you will have to control yourself and develop a strategy so your bidding doesn’t get out of hand. … Read the rest of this entry

Why WAVE3 Member Rewards Are Wonderful

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Everybody is a member of some kind of rewards program these days. Here’s one you may not have heard about. It’s great if you like using member rewards for shopping online, participating in auctions, enjoying music and more.

This is the TripleClicks WAVE3 rewards program where you join free, then earn rewards simply by telling others how to get free stuff every month.

That’s it! That’s all you do. Join free, tell others, get rewards when they join free, use your rewards to buy stuff from the TripleClicks online store! (And guess what? When you buy stuff at TripleClicks, you earn MORE credits and reward points!) … Read the rest of this entry

Reach Millions With Your Own E-Commerce Store

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When you become an E-Commerce Associate with this program, you can instantly go global, reach millions of shoppers with your own e-commerce store and sell your products in more than 190 countries worldwide.

This program is perfect for small and medium businesses that understand the potential of the Internet and want to get set up fast with their own customized e-commerce website.

There are no listing fees and no risks. All you do is sign up, upload your product information and let this marketing network of more than 100,000 affiliates do the promoting and selling for you. The service provider retains a small fee only when you make a sale. … Read the rest of this entry

Laws of Success Not Made to be Broken

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People used to say that laws were made to be broken. While pushing the boundaries may work for some things, there are some areas where you are better off following the proven path. The laws of success are one of these areas.

Achievers in life typically work longer, push harder and reach further than others with less drive and ambition. That doesn’t mean they have to actually work harder or blaze new trails. They just have to be alert for better, more productive ways to get things done.

When you ask achievers what their secret to success was, one of the answers you will commonly get is that they learned some valuable techniques from other successful people who had travelled the path before them. In this instance, it is quite acceptable to be a follower! … Read the rest of this entry

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This is just one of many ways you can make money online as an affiliate with the SFI Marketing Group: You can earn royalties for life by referring e-commerce businesses to the TripleClicks shopping website.

SFI affiliates have the option to participate in any or all of the marketing opportunities included under the umbrella of the SFI Marketing Group. In order to refer businesses to the E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program and get the credit for it, you do have to be an SFI affiliate.

If you are a business who simply wants to participate in the ECA program and sell your products on TripleClicks, it is easy to become an associate: Visit our ECA information page for more details and click the link provided there to sign up free. … Read the rest of this entry

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Most home based Internet business enthusiasts know what they want in an online opportunity and most go through a process of trial and error before they find the right one. This post will tell you why SFI is the best business for you.

First of all, the SFI Marketing Group has invested a lot of time and money into finding the best mix of marketing plan, affiliate compensation, product and service line-up and online e-commerce shopping website.

On top of that, the affiliate training and support system is second to none. You earn rewards for going through the training and for dedicating yourself to daily activity focused on building your business and your online income. … Read the rest of this entry

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There are countless ways to make money online but if you want lasting success, residual income opportunities make the most sense … and the most dollars, too! Start the process rolling, then let it continue while you do other things.

When applied to Internet Marketing, residual income is a form of passive income received by the marketer on an ongoing basis with little or no additional effort on his or her part. It does require some work in the beginning to get the process started, but once set up properly, it continues on its own.

Two good ways to generate passive income are to sell something by subscription, or earn override commissions based on sales made by members of a marketing network that you develop and lead. … Read the rest of this entry