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Despite the impact of search engine updates, link building is still important for websites. The difference now is, instead of going for lots of links of questionable quality, you need to get quality backlinks to show your influence.

Today, the way to woo those wily search engines is to demonstrate your influence and authority in your market niche. Of course, one leading way to do that is to frequently post fresh, unique content, especially content that people want to share with others.

You must also get links back from quality websites with content that is highly relevant to your marketing niche. This, again, comes down to posting high quality content on your site that attracts the interest of other website owners and motivates them to want to link to you. … Read the rest of this entry

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Home business resources of all kinds are abundant on the Internet if you know what you are looking for and where to look, or if you are willing to spend some time searching for the things you need. Here’s a handy place to find it all.

The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE) is an online organization that champions the home business lifestyle and provides its members with an awesome array of resources designed to achieve maximum home business success.

I am a member and I am impressed with the quality and variety of resources that are available in the members’ area. I will highlight a few items here, but I recommend that you also check the IAHBE listing in my TripleClicks store for even more great insight. … Read the rest of this entry

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There are a few things to consider when planning an Affiliate Marketing website and the thing is, you want to look as professional as possible. It’s all part of your image as a businessperson. Here are seven things to consider.

First, choose a marketing niche to focus on. These days, with so much competition online, specialization can often make the difference between success or failure with a home business or Internet Marketing venture.

It is not completely essential to pick a niche that interests you, but it makes it much easier to promote when you are sold on it yourself. Popular niche markets can be found in the health, wealth and relationship categories. … Read the rest of this entry

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From gadgets to gear, collectibles to closeouts, new and used and much, much more, let your bargain shopping online begin at, the online e-commerce shopping site. You WILL be amazed at the prices!

Not to mention the variety and selection. TripleClicks has quickly gained in popularity as a secure and friendly place to buy great items and even sell your own unwanted stuff.

Let’s take a brief look at the “gadgets and gear” sections of the site. I’m talking about Computers, Electronics and Phones and Accessories. … Read the rest of this entry

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We all know the basic principles of success for home business marketers: Clear goals, defined plan, daily commitment, singular focus, etc., etc., but what about some of the principles of doing the business? Here are a few to consider.

The following concepts can be found in greater detail in the audio training program from Brian Tracy International, The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement.

These laws can be applied to many forms of business and marketing. If you examine them closely, I am certain you will be able to see some very practical applications for your own marketing activities. … Read the rest of this entry

Plan Ahead for Affiliate Marketing Success

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Everybody dreams of great achievement, and many who are involved in some kind of home business activity dream of Affiliate Marketing success on the Internet. Well, just like any kind of achievement, it takes foresight and planning.

Everybody has their own formula for planning and achievement, and the nature of a plan will be influenced by the type of activity that is involved. Business plans, personal development plans and relationship plans will each be different in some way.

Still, there are a few basics involved, and these can be applied to your business and marketing dreams. … Read the rest of this entry

Sell Your Products to This Prospect List

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I am going to give you a prospect list of potentially 800 or more people to sell your products to, but I just want to say one thing about it before you see the list: Don’t shoot the messenger! My meaning should become clear as you read on.

What I will share with you today is a method of prospecting that many successful sellers in a variety of industries use. I’ve known about this method for many years, so it is nothing new or earth shattering.

The thing that sets it apart is its simplicity and the fact that the majority of aspiring marketers will not see the value in it and do not use it to its full potential. … Read the rest of this entry

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Affiliate Marketing is the ideal way to leverage your way to Internet home business success. Work from home, do business online and build a network of affiliates around the world, all working to help you earn income 24 hours a day.

Not all affiliate income programs are created equal. Some pay only for sales you make. Others reward you for sponsoring new affiliates into the business and you can earn commissions and benefits based on their purchases and sales.

Still others will reward you for building a network of affiliates that could run several generations deep. In other words, people you sponsor sponsor others, and they sponsor others and so on down through several levels or generations. … Read the rest of this entry

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It is fairly standard practice to use a website landing page to introduce a product, service or Affiliate Marketing program: many online businesses use them. Later in this post I’ll tell you about MY newest affiliate page.

Landing pages are sometimes called “lead capture pages.” They are the pages that you “land” on after clicking an advertisement or link somewhere on the Internet that promises more information on the subject you have been reading about.

In some cases, the page is nothing more than a reference page providing additional information as promised. However, in many cases, the purpose of the page is to encourage visitors to submit their contact information so the marketer can follow up with more information at a later time. … Read the rest of this entry

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Do you really know what your primary goal in life is and how to achieve it? A lot of people think they have clear goals and a real sense of purpose, but if that is the case, why are so many still struggling to find their way?

To take full advantage of the tremendous power in clarity, you first have to be truly clear in what you truly want. The great thing is you don’t have to be a person with above average ability to succeed. You just need to understand the psychology of achievement and how to effectively channel your efforts towards a well-defined purpose.

Here is a guiding quote from Brian Tracy that I think is awesome: “The establishment of a clear, central purpose or goal in life is the starting point of all success. An average person with average talent, ambition and education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society, if that person has clear, focused goals.” . . . Read the rest of this entry

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