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The SFI affiliate program provides all the training and resources needed for a successful home business and to earn real Internet income. This post will highlight a great training video created by SFI president Gery Carson.

Although the video was produced for the benefit of SFI affiliates, I think it can also serve as an excellent introduction to SFI for anybody interested in Affiliate Marketing and making money online working from home.

The video is titled, Getting Started with SFI. Gery provides an introduction and goes through some of the basics of the marketing plan. He also points members to a simplified step-by-step process for starting and running their business and building the foundation for future financial success. … Read the rest of this entry

T-Time Savings at TripleClicks

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I mentioned Pricebenders live auctions in my previous blog post and how you can win free bidding credits by guessing the closing prices of auctions. Here is another way to win free credits that can be used at Pricebenders.

There is a free game on the site where all you do is click a button to enter and you could win two TCredits. Every hour around the clock 30 different winners are selected with each person receiving the two-credit award.

The game is called T-Time. TCredits are the “currency” at TripleClicks, the e-commerce site that hosts Pricebenders auctions. You use TCredits to bid on auctions, place Pick-the-Price guesses, download music, buy products and even list your own items for sale. … Read the rest of this entry

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Many people like participating in auctions on the Internet. They are fun, challenging and sometimes very rewarding! Pricebenders is a popular online auction site where a lot of members win items for just pennies on the dollar.

Imagine getting gold coins for just 38 cents each; a remote control helicopter (with camera!) for just 56 cents; a one ounce silver bar for just ONE CENT; a Motorola unlocked 3G Android phone for $3.57; a Samsung Galaxy Ace (unlocked) for $1.58; a Samsung Chromebook for $19.86. These are all verifiable wins over the past few days. There are dozens more.

The way the Pricebenders auctions work is you buy credits that can be used for bidding in the auctions or for other features on the site. Here’s the great part: there is also a way you can win either 50 or 200 FREE credits!Read the rest of this entry

What’s Your Learning Style?

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What’s your learning style? I just received a link to a great resource from Brian Tracy InternationalBrian Tracy International that lets you quickly and easily do a personal learning assessment on yourself. Use it to identify your dominant learning sense.

Brian’s personal learning assessment is a PDF document with three pages. The first page is an infographic that describes the three styles of learning. The second page and part of the third page is a series of questions designed to identify your dominant sense. The rest of the third page offers some additional insight into each of the styles.

I’m not going to post the questions here, but I will give specific details about each the three styles; read on to see if you can guess what your style is before you take the test. … Read the rest of this entry

How to Build Links from Scratch

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Backlinks are vital to the success of a website. You need links pointing back to your site to help you get more targeted traffic and to place better in the search engines. Here are some tips on how to build links basically from scratch.

I just read an article titled Direct Request Link Building from Zero posted in the electronic version of Website Magazine.

The article notes that, while there are “hands-off” ways to build links, like submitting to directories or local business listings, the best way to do it is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with authoritative websites and blogs in your marketing niche. … Read the rest of this entry

How to Sell Your Stuff Online for Cash

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I get so wrapped up in the home business opportunities end of things that I sometimes forget that some people just want to keep it simple! With that in mind, this blog post will tell you how to sell your stuff online for cash.

I’m talking about unwanted stuff you have laying around the house, perhaps tucked away in closets, in the attic, in the basement, maybe in your garage. Old stuff you don’t use anymore, but is still in good shape and will be of use to someone else.

Let me tell you about an online e-commerce site where you can list your items and sell them securely to registered members of the site; more than 1.6 million members at the moment, and growing every day. … Read the rest of this entry

Sell Digital Products from this Online Store

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Everybody wants to make money online. If you have a website, blog site or social media channels where you can advertise items, then here is your opportunity to sell digital products of all kinds from an established e-commerce shopping site.

The Digital Downloads section is just one of almost 30 different categories of products and services available in the online store. Altogether, the site lists more than 72,000 items.

You can promote and sell any or all items in the store, including thousands of items from the Digital Downloads section, and earn direct sales commissions on everything you sell. Of course, if you are not interested in selling, and if you only want to purchase items for your own use, that’s okay, too! … Read the rest of this entry

My 5 P’s of Affiliate Marketing Success

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Affiliate Marketing success involves the convergence of a variety of factors, not the least of which are the personal characteristics of the successful home business entrepreneur. Here is my take on five particular qualities.

There are a lot of physical things you need to do as a marketer, from creating content, to learning and applying numerous recommended marketing methods, to establishing your presence in various business and social networking communities.

However, the whole thing begins with you, your perspective on business and your purpose for wanting to build a thriving Internet-based business. The mechanics of doing the business will fall into place if you have, or can develop, the characteristics and qualities necessary for success. … Read the rest of this entry

The Art of Closing the Sale

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So much of what you do in home business and Internet Marketing involves selling something. Whether it is a product, a service, a program or a joint-venture partnership, your success depends on your skill at closing the sale.

Successful sales people have a good grasp of the psychology of sellingClosing the Sale. Those who are most dedicated to high income goals get additional training and they practice their craft until they become professionally adept.

I have a Brian Tracy audio program on selling and today I will share with you some of Brian’s insight and recommendations. … Read the rest of this entry