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You simply have to take advantage of every opportunity to advertise on the Internet if you want to make any progress with your business. A combination of free advertising online and paid advertising is recommended so you cover all the bases. Here is a great ad network that gives you the free option.

It is called “adzly” and while there are paid upgrade options that give you increased benefits, you never have to upgrade or pay for advertising on the adzly network if you don’t want to.

Better yet, there are ways to increase and accelerate the amount of free ads you get, and not only that, but the advertising is targeted! …

I am going to send you to the adzly information page to get the complete details, but I will also give you a few bits of info and insight here.

Free Advertising OnlineThe way adzly works is members like me (and soon to be you!) install adzly ad widgets on our websites and the widgets automatically display member ads. The ads change or rotate with each new page load.

Every time a visitor comes to one of your web pages that has an adzly widget, you automatically earn ad credits. The more times a new page loads, the more credits you can earn, so if you have more than one website, you will definitely want to place adzly widgets on each of them!

Once you begin earning ad credits, your ads will begin to run in the widgets on the websites of other members.

Basically, that’s it! Free advertising online and all you have to do is place the widgets on your website (or websites), set up your preferred ads in your adzly account and then keep driving traffic to your website(s) just like you always do. The adzly network takes care of the rest of it for you!

Oh! But there IS one thing you have to do first: You’ve got to sign up for your FREE adzly account!

Visit the adzly information page right now, review the information, then click to sign up and get your free advertising online kicked into gear!

Everybody needs advertising … so go for it! If you are marketing online and you have at least one website, there’s no risk and no reason not to do this.

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