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In the first post in this Affiliate Income series, we talked about Product Sales, Recruiting and Duplication, and in the second post, we covered Focus, Commitment and Daily Action. Today, let’s take a look at Planning with Purpose.

Everybody has dreams and goals; specific targets they desire to achieve. But dreams are nothing without taking the necessary action to bring them into reality.

Action is vital, but activity alone is not the solution. In order to maximize the results of your efforts, you need to do some serious purposeful planning. Here are three keys to consider. …

And once again, these keys can be applied to many areas of your life, not just to your efforts to create ongoing affiliate income.

3 Keys to Planning with Purpose

1) Why are you doing it?

Whatever your project is, whether it is Affiliate Marketing, developing a home business or whatever it may be, you need to have a clear sense of why you are doing it. What is your vision for it? What is your purpose?

This has to go deeper than mere superficial reasons like wanting to “try” Internet Marketing, or needing to “make some extra money” or you have “always wanted a business of your own.” If you expect success and hope to accelerate your progress, you need to a have a clear, driving purpose for doing it.

Since purpose is a personal thing, I can’t suggest what might be right for you. It could be material, emotional, spiritual or… something else that only you can determine. One thing is certain: the deeper your purpose, the stronger your motivation will be to achieve it.

Affiliate Income2) What is your primary or major goal?

Here, again, you want to be as specific as possible.

Identify your goal and define its parameters: set specific timelines, dollar amounts, volumes, sizes, shapes, colours; anything that will help to create or reinforce some kind of visual or sensory image.

3) What specific steps do you need to take to reach your goal and fulfill your purpose?

The steps can be as simple as daily actions, or they might be a series of short-term goals. Whichever they may be, they should be clear and specific and must completely support your primary goal and your overall purpose.

Plan your steps in advance and design them to move you progressively towards your goal.

To determine your steps, you can use one of two methods. Either, start where you are now and keep saying, “What do I need to do next? What do I need to do next?” until your steps are complete. Or, begin with the end goal in mind and work the steps backwards, saying, “What did I need to do to reach this point? What did I need to do to reach this point?”

Either way, you will come up with the specific actions needed to guide your progress every step of the way.

That is what purposeful planning is all about: designing your every thought and your every move to support, enhance and accelerate your goals and your major purpose. Eliminate unproductive actions from your routine and focus only on the highest value activities that you can do to advance your cause.

This completes this series highlighting a number of keys and qualities that can contribute to affiliate income success. As noted, many of these factors can also be applied outside of your home business or Internet Marketing activities. Use them however you can to your best advantage.

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