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If you are building for the future and want to make sure to have ongoing income for the long term, there are three things your home based affiliate business needs. Well, there’s more than three, but these three are foundational.

Your Affiliate Marketing business needs a self-hosted website, affiliate products or services related to the general theme of your website, and a dependable autoresponder service.

Obviously, I have preferred suppliers to recommend for each of these, but the fact is there are numerous choices and you should do your due diligence in researching and selecting the choices that best fit your needs and interests. …

Here are what I consider to be the three foundational things your home based affiliate business needs, and why:

1) Self-hosted Website

If you are into Internet Marketing for the long term, then you must plan for the future and that means getting your own domain name and website. Right from the beginning, everything you do should be centered around building your brand, your image, your presence on the Internet as a source for whatever products and services you will be selling.

You cannot build your personal brand to the same professional degree with an affiliate website as you can with your own website. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional marketer, and if you hope to earn a professional income, Home Based Affiliate Businessyou’ve got to have your own website, plain and simple.

My websites are hosted by HostGator, a top rated provider offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth as well as a free site builder and other benefits. You should take a look at what HostGator has to offer.

2) Affiliate Products

Many entrepreneurs start their Internet home business with affiliate products and services because it is quick and easy and the affiliate company usually provides marketing resources like ads, articles and other support. Also, the company takes care of processing orders and delivering the goods.

You can find affiliate marketing opportunities for just about any product or service. Once you decide on the focus or niche of your business, you can then choose affiliate products that suit your needs and that you personally feel comfortable marketing and selling.

You will see that my website offers traditional affiliate marketing programs, plus products and services that appeal to marketers, as well as personal development resources. Recently, I added an item of interest to people who want to make money online using their writing skills. Check out the Real Writing Jobs information page for details.

3) Autoresponder Services

Earlier, I mentioned the value of having your own website and the importance of building your brand with every single thing you do online. Autoresponder services are a vital piece of this puzzle.

A good autoresponder service will provide you with a whole range of valuable tools and services, but the two key ones that every successful online business must have are email opt-in forms to be placed on every page of your website (typically offering a free newsletter to your visitors), and a comprehensive email list management and message follow-up system.

Building your brand and building your list are the two most important activities you must focus on as you develop your Internet Marketing business.
Home Based Affiliate Business
My autoresponder service provider has always been GetResponse. Take a tour of their site right now and you will see that they have an impressive range of services. And while there, be sure to check out their “Features” page.

This post has covered the three things your home based affiliate business needs to get started and be successful. Of course, there is more to success online than just these three things, but in my opinion this is where every aspiring Affiliate Marketer should begin.

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