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To say that the SFI Affiliate Marketing business includes 12 free gateway websites is an understatement. With more than 65,000 products in our online e-commerce store, you could make money with more than 65,000 affiliate links!

However, let’s just focus on the 12 websites. There is no cost to join the SFI business and there is never any purchase obligation. The business offers a portfolio of marketing angles and it is your option which ones you want to promote.

Depending on what you choose to promote, you can make use of any or all of the gateway websites. Each one is designed to promote a particular aspect of the SFI business. You can earn direct commissions, group volume bonuses, royalty income, residual income and more. …

I will give you a rundown of the 12 gateways, but really, you should sign up (free) so you can also access the training and additional support materials that come with the SFI Affiliate Marketing business.

Here are the gateway websites:

Affiliate Marketing Business~ Real Internet Income: Insightful details about SFI. The purpose is to attract new affiliates.

~ TripleClicks: Takes you to the home page of TripleClicks, our showcase e-commerce shopping site.

~ TripleClicks Free Sample: This gateway page offers your prospects a free product listing at TripleClicks. (Some guidelines and restrictions apply: read the set-up info before offering this to your prospects.)

~ WAVE3: Tells how to get “Free Stuff” every month. The purpose is to attract new TripleClicks members.

Pricebenders Auctions~ Pricebenders: Exciting details about the Pricebenders auctions at TripleClicks. The purpose is to attract new TripleClicks members.

~ TripleClicks Silver76Pack: Information about purchasing a 1 oz. Silver bar and 75 TCredits. (TCredits are used for a variety of purposes at TripleClicks.)

~ Song-of-the-Month: Yes, we have music, too! This gateway page tells about the TripleClicks Song-of-the-Month contest.

~ E-Commerce Associates: You can refer companies to this gateway that want to sell their products online. When they list products and their products sell, you earn royalty commissions – for life!E-Commerce Associates

Direct Sales Gateways:

~ International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE)

~ Advanced Liquid Nutrition

~ The Natural™ Cleaners

~ Magazines

Of course, all of the above links are coded with my affiliate ID. When you join the program (free) and access your Gateway Websites, they will be coded with your ID.

Also, complete training and support is provided so you will know what to do and how to market each of the gateways.

The question now is which of the 12 free gateway websites would you be most interested in promoting? Take another look at them and think about it.

You might want to start with the basic Real Internet Income site and the basic TripleClicks site until you become more familiar with the features and benefits highlighted in the other gateways.

One thing is certain: the SFI Affiliate Marketing Business offers something for everyone, so you can pick and choose what you want to promote and how you want to promote it. There is no cost or obligation and it doesn’t matter what level of marketing experience you have: training and support is provided. Join me!

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