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Many people make money online through a process called Affiliate Marketing. It is simple to explain, easy to learn and do, and if you stay focused and work at it diligently, you can create a nice second income with it.

Basically, when you become an affiliate marketer, all you are doing is becoming an independent sales representative for a company that has products or services for sale. YOU do the advertising and the promotion and when you make sales, the company handles the billing and the shipping.

Oh, yes, and the company pays you a sales commission for the sale, too! Some affiliate companies will also let you recruit or sponsor other sales affiliates into the business and will compensate you in some way for purchases and sales they make. …

Professional Affiliate Marketing companies provide their affiliates with Internet Marketing training and with sales aids, like marketing websites or landing pages, banner ads, text ads and more.

Affiliate MarketingMy affiliate company of choice is the SFI Marketing Group. There is no cost to join, no purchase requirements, and SFI provides some of the best free training resources that I have seen in the industry.

SFI affiliates are offered a variety of ways to earn income.

The main focus is the TripleClicks shopping site where more than 90,000 items are available. As an SFI affiliate, you will promote and advertise the TripleClicks website and will earn commissions on all purchases made by your personally referred customers.

If you recruit other SFI affiliates into the business, you will earn sales commissions on all commissionable items they personally purchase.

Also, as an active SFI affiliate, you can qualify to have free affiliates added to your marketing team as a bonus to you. This means you can earn sales commissions on their purchases, too.

One more thing: Once you achieve Team Leader status with SFI, you can qualify to earn additional override commissions based on sales, purchases and certain other activities of the members of your team down through many generations. That can include people you personally sponsor, plus people they sponsor plus people they sponsor, and so on down through a number of levels or generations in your group. (The activities of the free affiliates you receive will be included in the calculations for this override bonus, too!)

So, you will earn direct commissions on purchases made by your personal TripleClicks customers and by your personal SFI affiliate referrals. You will earn direct commissions on purchases made by the free affiliates you will get (on an ongoing basis) as a Team Leader bonus. And you will earn override income based on the total group activity of your SFI affiliate team members (as long as you reach and maintain certain Team Leader levels).

Now, how do you get TripleClicks customers and new SFI affiliate recruits? Well, once you sign up with SFI, you will have full access to all of the training and marketing resources. You will learn how to market online and you will be shown how to use the resources to be successful with SFI.

Basically, you will refer customers and potential marketing associates to websites, called gateways, provided by SFI. You will also be provided with banner ads and text ads to use to attract customers or new affiliates. Your responsibility is to find ways to promote and advertise your gateways, or places to post your banner or text ads. This can all be done through advertising, or blogging, or other methods of online marketing. Of course, word of mouth with your family, friends and local acquaintances can work, too!

This will all be explained and you will get all the training, insight and support you will need once you become an SFI affiliate. It is free to join and there are no purchase requirements.

Affiliate Marketing is just advertising and sales. You find the customers, and the affiliate company does the rest, including pay you sales commissions and volume-based override income!

The SFI Marketing Group is one of the best companies I have seen. You should sign up, even if only to check out their free Internet Marketing training resources.

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