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Experienced Internet Marketers have been all through the process of setting up websites, finding things to sell, learning how to get targeted website traffic and putting the whole thing on autopilot; but what about newcomers to online marketing?

Most marketers online engage in Affiliate Marketing in one form or another and for newcomers, this is a good way to get experience and to begin the flow of real Internet income.

But how does a newcomer to the business learn how to develop affiliate power quickly? Here is one way that has worked for many aspiring entrepreneurs: Get free training through the MAPS program. …

MAPS stands for “My Affiliate Power Site”. It is a free training program that guides you through the process of setting up your first website, adding products to sell, adding content and information that will be of interest to your potential customers, and learning and applying a variety of ways to reach and attract some of the best customers.

Through the MAPS training site, you get free access anytime of the day or night to seven clearly presented training modules.

Affiliate PowerYou will begin by learning how to choose your marketing niche. You will be guided through the process of choosing your domain name and arranging monthly hosting for your website. You will be shown how to actually set up your site, make it look professional, find and add products suitable for your niche, and how to start adding content, which can include blog posts, articles and even product reviews.

The theme you choose for the appearance of your website and the company you choose for your website hosting are entirely up to you. However, you will see that the MAPS group recommends certain services. For example:

~ The Socrates Theme for WordPress sites

~ Bluehost website hosting

~ The Affiliate Power Group (a paid membership site) for advanced training and resources; also an awesome place where members get tons of free articles and content to use on their websites.

As I mentioned earlier, experienced marketers may have all kinds of sources where they get services, resources, support and more, both free and paid, but marketing newcomers may not yet have the insight to know where to find these things, or even what to look for.

The MAPS training program is the perfect guide for newcomers, and membership is free!

If you decide to start up your own website, there are naturally some costs involved with that, including domain registration and website hosting. The services recommended by MAPS are dependable and reasonably priced.

No matter how you look at it, becoming a MAPS member is a great idea because it is free, there are no purchase requirements or obligations, you will expand your knowledge and understanding of the business of Affiliate Marketing, and you will learn exactly how to launch a business online quickly for affiliate power.

Sign up and see for yourself. There is no risk and nothing to lose.

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