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This post will mostly be about the MAPS (My Affiliate Power Site) training program for marketers who are new to running a home business on the Internet. MAPS can help you get started with a great introduction to the business.

First, I want to mention that while MAPS got me started with my current website and with some of the training I needed to start making money online, my primary focus is now the SFI Marketing Group, also an online affiliate marketing program, but not connected to MAPS in any way.

MAPS can help to get you started if you are totally new to Internet Marketing. Then, if you want to, you can use the website you set up through the MAPS program to market and promote the SFI business. …

If you are serious about building an Internet business with long-term residual income potential, then SFI should be your foundational program. If you check it out, you will see that it contains all of the necessary elements for affiliate power and success online.

Now, about MAPS.

MAPS is an introductory training program that shows you how to set up a website, monetize it, market it and make money online. You can follow the training My Affiliate Power Siteto set the site up yourself, or you can take advantage of pre-designed niche marketing sites.

Within the training, you will see some recommended products, one of them being the Socrates premium WordPress theme, designed to set you apart as a professional marketer. This is a great-looking theme that I recommend to marketers.

Once your site is ready to go, just follow the MAPS training to add products, create and post blog articles and other content, and market and promote your site to attract targeted traffic and potential customers.

When you become more familiar with how your website works and how to modify it to your liking, then you can add advertising banners and other features to make it uniquely yours and attractive to the type of visitors you want to attract.

Eventually, you will become experienced at attracting website traffic and making sales and then you just might find yourself teaching others how to do it effectively! If you make it a goal to become a marketing mentor, you will find that your own progress will speed up.

One final note about things to market and sell on your website: If you join me in the SFI Marketing Group program, you will find advanced affiliate training plus a source of more than 90,000 products and services you can choose from to promote on your website (NO cost or purchase requirements to participate).

Take a look at MAPS. Take a look at SFI. They are not related or connected, but as I mentioned, you can get your website started through MAPS, and then you can use it to promote SFI and thousands of products and services of all varieties.

Affiliate power is where the money is on the Internet. Sign up as a MAPS member and get YOUR affiliate business started today!

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