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Whatever online affiliate program they promote, one thing that many aspiring home business enthusiasts often lack is a structured program of development that focuses on the essentials of success. If that sounds like you, here is help.

The Affiliate Power Group (APG) four week Summer Olympic Challenge starts on August 13 and while it is okay to come in late, it is so much better to get started as early as possible to take full advantage of the mentor training that comes along with the Summer Challenge.

That is the purpose of this message today: to encourage you to join the APG, check out the many benefits and resources it has to offer, and take part in the contest. …

If you act quickly, you can take advantage of a limited time special offer of a 30-day trial membership for just $1.00. The 30-day trial offer ends on August 13 and goes back to the standard 10-day trial for $1.00. It’s still a great deal either way, but why not go for the 30 days if you can?

Boost Your Online Affiliate ProgramThe APG Summer Olympic Challenge is set up to be a four-week intensive hands-on coaching program for those who want to boost their online affiliate program, whatever marketing plan or program that might be.

The big focus of this particular challenge is Social Marketing. Participants will learn more about what Social Marketing is and how to use it effectively to build, enhance and accelerate their Internet Marketing business.

I’ve written more about the Summer Challenge and Social Marketing in these two blog posts:
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I mentioned at the start of this post the fact that many marketers struggle because they do not have a structured program of business development. The APG is the solution to that problem.

Members of the APG receive access to a highly structured and focused training program that allows them to learn at their own pace. They also receive personal mentoring and get access to an awesome array of resources and materials.

The benefit of the Summer Challenge is that it builds on the existing training program and presents the Social Marketing aspect of it in a brief, four-week period: Learn the essentials quickly and give your online business an immediate boost.

You can use the APG Summer Olympic Challenge to motivate you to massive action. Get focused, be productive and enjoy accelerated success.

Join the APG for a $1.00 trial run and once you are on the inside, you will find all of the Summer Challenge details in the Members Forum. Give your online affiliate program a shot in the arm; Join the APG today!

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Boost Your Online Affiliate Program

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