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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the key to success with your Internet affiliate home business is focus. You’ve got to choose an opportunity you are comfortable with, learn and apply the basics, adapt them to your needs and interests, and then FOCUS.

Learning to market and build a business online isn’t something that everybody is cut out for. Most people do not have any interest in it. Many of the ones who do take an interest in it get tired or frustrated and drop away when they find out it takes work and there is no way to instant success.

The formula that I recommend is first, do your homework and find a company with products or services that you feel comfortable using, promoting and selling. The Affiliate Marketing company that I have chosen, a leader in the industry, is the SFI Marketing Group. …

Finding the right company is very important for most people. You have to believe in what you are selling if you hope to be successful at it.

Second, regardless of what company or marketing opportunity you choose, follow this three-step process with the basics of marketing and promoting that company:

Internet Affiliate Home Business1. Learn the Basics:

Every good Internet affiliate home business company has some kind of training plan or training guides that will teach you the very basics of being successful with that company.

Identify what the basics are for your company, study them thoroughly and learn them so well that you could teach them to others with one arm tied behind your back, even while you are sleeping! LOL

2. Apply the Basics:

Everybody by now knows that knowledge is not power. The real power is in applied knowledge. You’ve got to USE what you learn before the knowledge you gained does any good.

Apply the basics of your company that you learned through the training process. Practice those basics and practice them and practice them some more until you get so good at doing them that you could teach them to others with one arm tied behind . . . well, I guess you’ve heard all that before! Just do it.

3. Adapt the Basics:

If there is one thing I have learned in life and in business, there is no absolute formula for anything that applies to everybody.

All you can do is learn the basics from those who have gone before you; then apply and practice them until they become second nature to you; and THEN find ways to adapt, modify and improve them to your personal liking. Different things work different ways for different people.

If you truly seek success in anything you do, you’ve got to learn the basics and then personalize them to your liking. You have to do things in the way you feel most comfortable, and you have to find ways to be different or unique from the majority of other people.

Finally, after you choose a suitable company, adapt the basics to your liking and master them, your third step to success is FOCUS.

Everything takes time, and this is especially true when building an Internet affiliate home business. You have to learn and practice the basics until you get good at them, and then you really have to stick with your chosen company for the long term, until your investment of time, energy and finances has had time to mature and begin paying you the dividends you desire.

Most people give up too soon. That is the unfortunate truth. They blame their failure on a long list of factors, but in reality, the only factor that counts is focus. When you are focused, you are committed, and when you are committed, you find a way through all obstacles, challenges and setbacks, and you stick with it for the long run.

Those who stick with something for the long run most often succeed. It’s all up to you.

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