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You might be surprised at what I am going to tell you, but here is how every Internet affiliate program works: First, drive traffic to your sales page; second, sell a product or sign up a new affiliate; third, keep repeating steps one and two. That’s it.

Of course, there is a learning curve in there as you learn about your affiliate company’s products and their marketing plan, and there may be some cash investment involved depending on the program and on how you choose to get involved and advertise and promote it.

But the basic steps with every marketing plan online is you send traffic to a landing page or a sales page and you make a sale or sign up a new affiliate. That’s it. …

There is nothing complicated about it when you break it down to its simplest form. Where it gets complicated is when people try to cut corners with the process or just have trouble understanding how they get paid when they make a sale or recruit other affiliates.

Internet Affiliate ProgramBut if you want to build a stress-free business, simply focus on step one and let the rest of the business follow through. In order to be successful, all you need to do is get very good at step number one. That’s it.

If you are the type of marketer who enjoys direct contact with your prospects, then there could be the added element of properly preparing for that contact, whether it is by telephone, or email, or services like Skype. In those cases, you certainly need to be clear on the features and benefits of your product, service or program. You must be prepared to answer questions effectively and to lead the prospect towards a successful close.

Many people believe that direct, personal contact with the prospect is the best way to promote a product or a business and make a sale. I tend to agree… except… not everybody likes doing this business that way. Many of us, me included, prefer the Internet Marketing approach. That is a personal choice.

Aside from those instances where you choose to be in direct contact with your prospects, your primary responsibility as an Affiliate Marketer is to drive traffic to a sales page, a landing page, or your own website or blog page where you can highlight whatever it is you are promoting.

The process is like filling a hopper or a funnel with prospects and then filtering them through until the good ones pop out the bottom. The more you put in, the more will pop out. If you get lazy and only work at it now and again, your results will be comparative.

Now, it also stands to reason that the more prospects you drop into the hopper, the greater chance there will be that some of them will contact you for more information, so it is strongly advised that you do devote some time every day to learning more about your affiliate program, the products and services, and the marketing and compensation plan. The more you know about these things, the better able you will be to answer questions and the more confident you will feel as a marketer and a leader.

Most affiliate programs offer additional rewards to those who work at team building and team leadership. So, you can add that as a Step Three: Coaching and supporting your team members.

Knowledge may be power but action is what truly gets the job done. That is why I recommend that you focus on step number one; advertising and promoting your business to drive traffic to your sales page, landing page or marketing website.

Get good at driving traffic and the rest will fall into place. And in the mean time, include some daily “study time” in your schedule.

Oh, one more thing. You’ve got to stick with the process long enough to see the results.

Too many people get the idea that some other program is better and then they forsake the investment they have put into one Internet opportunity and start all over again with another. That is not the road to success.

Remember, the way every Internet affiliate program works is you drive traffic, you make sales or sign-ups, and you repeat the process over and over again until you are a success. What the product or program is is not as important as just picking something, promoting it and sticking with it.

Of course, if it is a product or service you are passionate about then you will feel even more empowered to promote it and be persistent. Get focused and get started today!

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