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My favourite affiliate marketing program just got better! The SFI Marketing Group has just announced NEW signing bonuses of $20, $40 and $100 payable to new affiliates who join from this day forward. And SFI is always FREE to join!

I have looked at numerous Internet-based home business opportunities over the years and of all the ones I checked out, SFI has stood out head-and-shoulders above the crowd, both in style of marketing plan and in longevity.

And now, with the introduction of signing bonuses, wow! The SFI opportunity becomes even more appealing than ever before! …

Although I have actually been an affiliate of the SFI Marketing Group for about eight years, I have only been actively involved in working and promoting the program for the past three years. Since then, I have earned commission income from SFI each and every month.

New Signing BonusesI am excited and encouraged by the introduction of signing bonuses to the SFI marketing and compensation plan. Not only will this act as an incentive – a very strong incentive – for new affiliates to join the program, but it will also motivate and inspire current SFI team members to re-focus their marketing efforts.

Here is why existing affiliates should be excited and why they should re-double their efforts:

– New members they recruit and sponsor now have a much stronger incentive to stay focused on actively building their businesses through product sales and the sponsoring of new affiliates of their own;

– The more successful the new affiliates are in building their businesses through sales and sponsoring, the more monthly income they will earn and the faster they will receive their SFI signing bonuses;

– As a result of their enhanced success, their respective sponsors and co-sponsors will automatically enjoy the residual rewards of increased monthly income and enhanced bonuses!

How great is that? Especially for anybody looking for legitimate and proven ways to create a second income online!

I mentioned at the beginning that SFI is always free to join. There is no cost to become an SFI affiliate and there are never any purchase requirements. I will mention, however, that there ARE additional incentives within the program that might encourage you to want to make purchases, but that is never a requirement and always optional to you.

There is a whole lot more that I could tell you about SFI, but the bottom line here is that, since SFI is free to join with no obligations now or ever, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t just sign up right now so you can take a look at the whole, complete picture from the inside, as a member, instead of only getting bits and pieces from me.

Join my SFI team, read all about the new signing bonuses, and let’s get you started on creating a second income today!

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New Signing Bonuses

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