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My previous post explained the basics of How Affiliate Marketing Works. Today’s post is going to be a little more personal. You may not hear this from many online marketers, but the odds are against your success in Affiliate Marketing.

A little later I will tell you why I say that, but for now, let me just say that I think there’s a good chance you might be better off keeping your day job.

You might think I’m trying to do that “reverse psychology” thing here, but really, I am not. What I am doing is prospecting for leaders for my Affiliate Marketing team and I just want to make it clear that in my experience, the majority of opportunity seekers seem to be better suited for their day jobs. …

In my previous post I explained that Affiliate Marketing is a process of marketing online. You have a merchant who supplies a product or service, an Affiliate Marketer who uses a variety of methods to promote and sell the product, and a customer who buys and uses the product.

Some merchants enlist marketers who simply sell the products to earn direct commissions. Other merchants offer a “Team Networking” approach where you can sponsor other affiliates into the business and in addition to commissions you earn from your own direct sales, you can qualify to earn income and bonuses based on the purchases and sales of your personally referred team members.

I know that most people are interested in ways to make money online, but here is where the topic starts to get a little scary for many opportunity seekers.

Affiliate MarketingWhen you decide to become an Affiliate Marketer, there are certain things you must do to be successful at it. This is especially true with the Team Networking approach. You’ve got to treat it like a real business and conduct yourself accordingly.

First, you have to learn a variety of marketing methods and work diligently at developing your skills. This takes time.

Second, unless you already bring a high level of experience, you must be completely open to coaching and guidance. If you do what the leaders do, you can accelerate your progress. However, duplicating their system is not as easy as it sounds. It may take the investment of more time and money than you initially were hoping or expecting. Laying down a proper foundation is very important for any kind of business. It takes time. And it may take money.

Third, you absolutely must stay focused and committed to your goal of success. It is going to take time and you are going to have to hang in there. Endurance is the key.

Here is where I say that (based on my observations) the odds are against you in this business.

This is the point in the process where I see the majority of wannabe affiliates drop away. They are excited when they first join and they demonstrate great enthusiasm while learning the business and learning to duplicate the success steps of the leaders. They show serious interest by investing time and money into their efforts.

But it all starts to fall apart when sales don’t come as fast as they expected and when the income in the initial months is lower than they hoped for. Their effort starts to feel like work, and the rewards don’t match the investment.

A committed marketer sees this as part of the process and keeps their mind focused on the desired end result rather than on the immediate returns. They know that in the beginning, the work and the investment will outweigh the rewards, but that as time goes on and as their foundation strengthens, the rewards will eventually begin to overtake their investment.

A determined marketer will push through the frustration and will work harder to keep their business going and growing.

A less determined marketer will get scared off by the effort required and by the seemingly unbalanced ratio between investment and reward. They will feel a longing for the safety and security of their day job, a place where life is easy, decisions are made for them and payday arrives on schedule.

Nothing wrong with that if that’s what you feel you are best suited for. But if you have higher aspirations for personal achievement, I think it is important that you take a realistic look at what the challenges and the odds are and what will be required of you.

On the positive side, affiliate success is definitely possible and many are enjoying the rewards of focus, effort and commitment.

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