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Affiliate Marketing success involves the convergence of a variety of factors, not the least of which are the personal characteristics of the successful home business entrepreneur. Here is my take on five particular qualities.

There are a lot of physical things you need to do as a marketer, from creating content, to learning and applying numerous recommended marketing methods, to establishing your presence in various business and social networking communities.

However, the whole thing begins with you, your perspective on business and your purpose for wanting to build a thriving Internet-based business. The mechanics of doing the business will fall into place if you have, or can develop, the characteristics and qualities necessary for success. …

My five P’s of Affiliate Marketing success are Purpose, Planning, Perspiration, Persistence and Profit, otherwise known as Payoff. Here is a brief overview of each of them:


This is basically the beginning of everything you do, or anything you do with a purposeful goal in mind, that is. In order to be productive and efficient in your pursuit of Affiliate Marketing success, you need to know your purpose, your reason for doing it, very clearly.

What is your ‘Why’? Why are you doing it? What benefits or results do you expect to gain? What ultimate end result are you working towards? If you hope to be successful, you need to be very, very clear on your purpose.


Without a clear purpose in mind, any planning you do will not be sufficiently focused. So, get your purpose firmly in place and then begin your planning.

Affiliate Marketing SuccessPlanning is important because it gives your efforts direction and focus. You will be more efficient and more confident in what you do. Here, again, the more precise and clear your planning steps are, the more effective you will be and the more productive the results.

Choose an affiliate company or marketing niche to specialize in, then plan all the ways you will advertise, promote and market your products, services or programs. Plan how much time you will spend on each activity, how much money you will invest into each type of marketing method, how many dollars of sales or commissions you aim to earn each month and what exact steps and activities you will need to do on a daily basis to bring it about. Plan every aspect of your marketing activity.


Once every detail of your affiliate business has been planned out, it’s time to get to work. Starting a business is just like so many other things in life; it’s rarely easy in the beginning and it requires a lot of hard work to get it going, to keep it running and to make it successful. Be prepared to work hard on your business; this could be tougher than any day job you might have had!


Running your own business takes work, commitment and a whole lot of dedication. It is a big responsibility. You are investing your time and your resources and you are probably laying your reputation on the line, too, without knowing for certain that it is going to work out.

Therefore, it stands to reason that you should remain focused, dedicated and persistent. If your purpose is clear and your planning is thorough and effective, all you have to do is be diligent in following the plan and doing your daily tasks. The results will come. Stay focused.

Profit (Payoff)

If your purpose is marketing success, then profit is the end result of all your planning, perspiration and persistence! It is your reward, the big payoff.

Yes, there will be other benefits, like a proud sense of achievement, recognition amongst your peers, appreciation from your family, but let’s face it; as an Internet-based home business marketer, the financial rewards you receive are the indicators of your achievement and success. Not only that, but financial independence gives you the flexibility to pursue all of your other dreams.

So, go ahead, take my five P’s of Affiliate Marketing success, apply them to your business and prepare to enjoy the rewards!

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