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EVERY Internet Marketer who is looking for a new way to make money online, or a better way, or simply an additional way to earn extra Internet income will want to check out the newly released My Affiliate Power Site v.2.0 (MAPS).

If you are involved in Affiliate Marketing in any form then you will truly appreciate this totally revamped and updated marketing system. It is designed both to help the beginner set up their first website to get a leg up on the business and help beginners and experienced markers alike tap into new sources of online income.

The MAPS program is totally FREE to join, although there are a couple of upgrade options that are extremely beneficial to marketers looking to accelerate their Internet success. MAPS offers free step-by-step training covering how to set up a money making website and how to be successful as an Affiliate Marketer. …

If you upgrade to the accelerated track, you can also earn affiliate commissions from products sold to your prospects who view the MAPS training sections. All you do is recommend the free MAPS training program to them and once they sign up for it, the system does the marketing for you.

The way that part of the program works is, certain marketing-related products and services are recommended throughout the My Affiliate Power Site v.2.0 training modules and if your referred prospect buys any of them, you automatically earn a commission for the sale.

My Affiliate Power Site v.2.0Upgraded members also get to participate in a banner advertising program on the training site where a banner ad promoting a product or service of their choice gets rotated through page views along with the banners of other upgraded members. As membership grows, the potential exists for your banner to receive phenomenal exposure.

Video training modules include everything from choosing your niche, to domain and hosting tips, how to set up your site, adding money-making products, creating and posting content that will appeal to your targeted prospects, and a variety of ways to get free website traffic.

Affiliate tools and pre-written promo messages and reviews are also included to help you promote the training site, and a variety of banner ads are available for you to use as well.

The process is so easy: post your MAPS affiliate link and/or banners on your website; share the pre-written messages on all of your favourite Social Networking sites; post the reviews or write your own blog posts and articles and post them on your website.

Your referral link will take interested prospects to the MAPS introductory page and once there, the system does all of the marketing and promoting for you. Once they join the program they become your personal referral and any other benefits that you qualify for will automatically be credited to you.

Serious Internet Marketers will want to know about this program and they will appreciate you for telling them about it.

If you are a newcomer to Internet and Affiliate Marketing, then your biggest benefit will be the training modules and learning exactly how to set up a website, monetize it and market it effectively. This program guides you every step of the way. There is no cost to join, so you really should take a look at it right now.

Here is the bottom line: If you want to quickly learn how to set up a money making website and if you are looking for another new and exciting income-generating affiliate program to add to your portfolio, then My Affiliate Power Site v.2.0 is the one program you need to jump on today. It’s free!

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My Affiliate Power Site v.2.0

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