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Over the years, I have been involved with traditional offline Network Marketing and then online Affiliate Marketing. There are similarities between the two and today I will write about the good, the bad and the ugly of Affiliate Networking.

Network Marketing is the process of selling products or services through a network of distributors or independent representatives. Typically, you build a network of team members who promote the products and you earn income based on sales volume generated by the group.

Affiliate Marketing typically relates to marketing on the Internet as an affiliate (or independent representative) for a company. You promote the products and earn sales commissions on items you sell. …

Affiliate Networking is building a network or team of affiliates who promote and market a company’s products online and you earn commissions or bonuses based on the sales generated by the members of the network.

Whether it is offline Network Marketing or online Affiliate Marketing, the way you build your network and earn group volume rewards depends on the guidelines set out by the individual company; there is no standardized process or compensation plan.

Some companies let you earn income from sales generated only by yourself and people you personally sponsor into the network. Other companies let you develop a network down through several levels or generations. In other words, you can earn income based on sales generated by people you sponsor and people they sponsor and so on down through several generations.

Here’s where the good, the bad and the ugly comes in.

Affiliate NetworkingThe good thing about Affiliate Networking is that you can earn income from group effort and group sales volume. You don’t have to rely only on your own efforts. The fact is you have only so much time, only so many resources and the ability to contact only so many people.

If you expand your network, on the other hand, you can multiply your time, your resources and your market reach exponentially. It may take time, effort and patience to build your network but if you stay focused and committed, it will happen and you will be rewarded.

The bad thing about Affiliate Networking is that many people who join your network will do very little to build their business and many will fall away. The problem is they are looking for the fast way, or they are expecting somebody else to do it for them.

The fact is, unless your marketing skills are already fine-tuned, there is no fast way. It takes time to learn the business, time to apply what you learn, and patience to keep applying it until the results start to flow. The other thing is nobody is going to do it for you. Leaders and coaches will show you the way, teach you the recommended marketing methods and encourage you along the way, but ultimately you’ve got to jump in, take control of your business and do what must be done.

The ugly thing about Affiliate Networking is that even when you find dedicated workers who become leaders in your network, they sometimes decide to leave your affiliate opportunity and go to a different one. And when they do, they sometimes influence others in your network to follow them, creating a gap in the network and in your monthly income.

There can be various reasons for an active affiliate to leave one program and go to another. It could be changes in the program they don’t like, or their monthly income has peaked or dropped, or something newer, more exciting has caught their attention. That is human nature, but the ugly thing about it is when they take others away from the network you have been working hard to build up.

That is how Affiliate Networking can go sometimes. All you can do is be a great leader who supports and encourages and coaches your team members, and be continually working on expanding your network so new leaders rise up to replace any who might drop away for any reason.

The process of team building may take time, but it is worth it once you have a strong, active network producing monthly sales volume and steady income for you. It’s all about residual income: that’s what marketing online is all about.

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