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I am an active and enthusiastic member of the SFI Marketing Group, an affiliate marketing company that has been producing monthly Internet income for me over the past year. Here is the first of two ways that I am building my SFI marketing team.

This way came unexpectedly about a year ago when I was re-familiarizing myself with the SFI marketing and compensation plan. There were aspects of the plan that I did not understand and therefore ignored while I focused on more familiar aspects.

The term, “Co-Sponsored Affiliates” (CSA), was one of them. Training in the member’s area made regular reference to the value of CSAs, but I didn’t know what they were and I definitely did not recognize their value. However, my eyes were quickly opened after I received my first batch of CSAs! …

Here is how it works: Every affiliate who joins SFI has a sponsor (the person who recruits them into the business), and a co-sponsor. Co-sponsors are assigned to affiliates by the company using a few different methods. More on that in a minute.

A co-sponsor is simply one more source of support for the affiliate; another person the affiliate can turn to with questions about the business.

The benefit to the co-sponsor is that he or she can earn commissions on purchases made by their CSAs. Also, there is a bonus pool of commissions available each month to qualifying affiliates and depending on the achievement level of the affiliate (in this case, the co-sponsor) and the achievement level of his or her CSAs, the co-sponsor may receive additional shares in the bonus pool.

SFI Marketing GroupSo, the thing to remember is that as a co-sponsor, you can receive sales commissions and bonus commissions based on the personal purchases and marketing activity of your assigned CSAs.

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of ways to receive CSAs in the SFI marketing plan:

~ When you reach a certain achievement level each month, you qualify to get two free CSAs.

~ When you reach certain Team Leader levels each month, you qualify to receive from around 50 to a few hundred new CSAs.

~ You can win CSAs in daily draws.

~ You can win CSAs in the Pricebenders penny auctions held on the e-commerce shopping site.

TripleClicks is SFI’s international superstore that currently features more than 100,000 products and services. SFI affiliates can earn sales commissions by promoting the store in general, or separate categories or individual items. That means that combined with various other marketing methods explained on the SFI free training site, you have more than 100,000 ways to earn real Internet income.

It is free to join SFI and TripleClicks and there are no purchase obligations, although affiliates are encouraged to support TripleClicks with their own purchases.

In the beginning, I did not take notice of my assigned CSAs because I did not understand their value. However, when some of my CSAs started making purchases and my commissions started to accumulate, I sat up and took notice! Then, when the bonus pool commissions for the month were calculated and I saw how the activity of a few of my CSAs contributed to my shares in the bonus pool, I really caught the vision for the value of CSAs!

From that point on, I began doing everything I could to qualify for as many new CSAs each month as I could get. Additionally, I made it a goal to participate in CSA auctions at Pricebenders each month so I could win batches of CSAs to add to my team. Over the past year I have won several CSA auctions for 35, 50 and 100 CSAs.

Co-Sponsored Affiliates make up a significant portion of my SFI marketing team. But that is just one of the ways that I am steadily building my SFI business. In my next Home Business Resources post, I will tell you about Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSA). Watch for it!

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