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It’s good for Affiliate Marketers to understand that this is a business like any other: you must have a dream, a goal and a plan; you must build a firm foundation for success and be focused and determined in order to succeed.

Building a successful online affiliate business involves a few steps, including setting up a professional website, choosing a marketing niche, creating onsite and offsite content to promote your business and establish your authority, finding products and offers suitable for your intended audience, and developing effective website traffic campaigns.

I always emphasize the value of having your own domain name and website, as opposed to just using the free promotional websites provided by the affiliate companies or products you promote. …

Building a foundation for success means taking a professional stance right from the beginning and that means doing your best to establish your presence and create your image online as a focused, knowledgeable, authoritative source for the products, services and programs you promote.

I know from my own experience that when you are first starting out, your level of knowledge and experience is low and it is hard to present yourself as an “authority” in your niche. In fact, for most of us, we don’t even fully know what our niche is at that stage. Focus and clarity comes with time and experience.

But what you CAN do is present yourself as a professional Internet Marketer. You do this by choosing an appropriate domain name and setting up a website. If you want to set up the website yourself, you can do some research, get some practice and then go for it.

You can also hire a developer to design and set up a website up for you.

Theme for Affiliate MarketersOr you can choose a site platform, like WordPress, that is simple to install and where there are countless template themes available to choose from. Some are free and some have varying costs, depending on the features and the technical support that comes with them. The Socrates WordPress theme is a good example that comes with more than 200 niche headers and is monetized for AdSense and Clickbank.

However you choose to get your site set up, here are a few basic tips you should incorporate into your affiliate website:

~ Should be visually appealing and professional;

~ Avoid clutter; make your niche-focused content the predominant element on each page; be conservative with your ads and other promotional elements;

~ Easy to navigate;

~ Include “About”, “Contact” and “Privacy Policy” features or pages;

~ Include Social Media buttons or elements;

~ Optimize your site for the search engines.

If you are going to register your own domain name and get a website set up, you will need professional web hosting services. I use the services of a few companies and one that I recommend is Bluehost. Bluehost goes well with the Socrates WordPress theme.

Also, if you are interested in some additional website and marketing training, take a look at the “My Affiliate Power Site” service. It offers great value and great resources, especially for new marketers.

Internet Marketing is an excellent way for Affiliate Marketers to build a business and create long term residual income. Since you are planning for your financial future, it makes sense to treat your business like a business right from the start. A professional website is your starting point; give it the attention and respect it deserves, because your image and your brand depend on it.

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