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A lot of Internet Marketers aggressively try to tell you that their opportunity is the best and the only one you should consider. Quite often these are the same marketers that are after you with a different opportunity every few months (or sometimes more often!)

My perspective on ways to begin earning affiliate income is that different things appeal to different people, and it is up to the individual to research and test things to discover what is the best fit for them.

With that in mind, please let me invite you to consider the SFI Marketing Group, a leader in Affiliate Marketing. It costs nothing to check it out and even if you decide the business opportunity is not for you, you can still get unlimited free access to a ton of Internet Marketing training. …

Here are a few features of SFI that I think are particularly beneficial to home based entrepreneurs like you and me:

Affiliate Income~ No cost to join and never any purchase requirements (but there ARE purchase incentives for marketers focused on building a business with monthly affiliate income).

~ Unlimited free access to all of the training sections in the SFI Affiliate Center.

~ Unlimited access to a variety of marketing resources to help you build your SFI business.

~ Rewards and incentives for going through certain training sections and for reviewing some parts of the Affiliate Center daily. (Note: Some of these rewards include monthly cash bonuses!)

~ A popular e-commerce shopping site currently featuring more than 118,000 products and services you can promote to earn direct sales commissions. Promote a product, or a category of products, or the whole store in general; it’s all up to you. (You can also list your own items for sale; we currently have many thousands of affiliates promoting and advertising the store, so imagine the potential for exposure!)

~ Six different ways to earn affiliate income. You choose to do as many of these six ways as you want. The two main ways are direct sales commissions when your personally referred customers buy things, and direct sales commissions on purchases made by affiliates you recruit into the affiliate marketing part of the program.

Here is some good news and some bad news. First, the good news:

If you are experienced in sales and marketing, or you are experienced in recruiting others into an affiliate marketing program, then you will make quick progress and will see your monthly income grow rapidly.

Next, the bad news: If you are not experienced and are new to marketing, then it will take you longer to learn the business and build your monthly income (this is true with EVERY opportunity). If you are focused and dedicated, you will succeed. If you are not committed, then this opportunity will be no better than anything else you have tried.

But here is some more good news:

I mentioned this earlier. There is no cost and no risk to sign up as an SFI affiliate and once you are on the inside, even if you don’t want to participate in or promote the business opportunity, you can still access all of the Internet Marketing training sections whenever you want. That is free, unlimited access to a wealth of marketing insight.

So, as I am sure you can see, it’s a win-win proposition no matter how you look at it! The important thing is that you DO look at it because it could be just the thing you are looking for, and you can truly begin earning affiliate income in your first month.

Please, take a look at the SFI Marketing Group today.

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