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A big part of establishing yourself as a leader in your home business niche is showing your targeted prospects and customers that you can help them solve their problems. Recommending beneficial resources is part of that process.

The article directory on the website is one of the Internet Marketing resources that you should be using personally and that you should also be recommending to your prospects and customers.

If recommending this directory simply for the value of exposure that it offers is not a good enough reason for you, today I will give you an additional incentive for telling others about it. …

First, let me emphasize that most online marketers know and understand the benefits of Article Marketing. Through Article Marketing, you can inform and educate potential customers and draw targeted traffic to your website.

Internet Marketing ResourcesYour success online depends on effectively marketing your business and branding yourself as an expert, and Article Marketing is one of the most recognized ways to do this. The directory at gets a lot of traffic, so no matter where else you submit your articles, this directory should be included in your efforts.

Triple Crown Contest

The question is why should you tell others about Evan’s article directory?

Well, aside from doing them a service by sharing this premier (and free) resource with them, when they sign up as an author through your referral link and when articles they submit to the directory get published, you earn referral credits that could win you some cool prizes in the Triple Crown Contest (TCC).

I’ve written about the TCC in recent blog posts, including Promote Your Business With This Cool Contest, Submit an Article to Launch Your Triple Crown Run, and Forum Posting Can Be Doubly Rewarding Here.

The contest runs quarterly and there are three categories of competition: Approved Articles, Forum Posts and Referred Articles. You can win in any or all of the categories. If you succeed in winning all three in one calendar quarter, you earn the Triple Crown, which involves additional prizes.

If you want to compete in the Approved Articles and Referred Articles categories, you just need to sign up for an author account: there is no cost or obligation. Once your application is approved, you can access your author administration area where you can submit articles anytime and you can get your exclusive author account referral link to pass along to your customers and prospects.

To compete in the Forum Posts category, simply join Evan’s Entrepreneur Forums and engage in the discussions. Evan posts TCC updates in the forum regularly.

The nice thing about the Referred Articles category is that all you have to do is refer new authors. You have no obligation beyond the referral. Once they sign up for an account and start submitting articles, you automatically get credited for their efforts.

And here is the great thing about it: Everybody you know, from prospects to customers to home business and online marketing associates is a possible referral because everybody should be doing Article Marketing as part of their ongoing business plan.

The other thing is, everybody is looking for good Internet Marketing ResourcesInternet Marketing resources and they will appreciate you that much more if you refer them to this popular directory. You are helping them to achieve their goals and as a result, you receive benefits in a variety of ways. It is win-win for everybody involved!

Sign up for your free author account and then start telling others about this highly beneficial resource.

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