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Just as a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, your chance to win a prize in the Triple Crown Contest on the site can begin when you submit an article to Evan’s popular article directory.

The directory is free, it gets an impressive amount of monthly traffic, and if you offer quality and value in your article, readers will be motivated to visit your website to see what else you have to offer.

Oh, yeah; and then there is the contest. There are three categories in the Triple Crown Contest (TCC). You can win prizes in each category and you can also win the coveted Triple Crown prize by leading in all three categories. You can read about this in greater detail in my previous post, Promote Your Business With This Cool Contest.

Today’s post will touch on the “Approved Articles” category and using Article Marketing to promote your business. …

Article Marketing is a valuable method of promoting businesses of all varieties, whether online or offline. When you submit articles to online article directories, not only will you inform and educate your targeted audience, but you can also demonstrate your Submit an Articleexpertise and value to them. In other words, you can use Article Marketing to build your reputation and your brand as an expert and preferred source for the products and services you provide.

The three categories in Evan’s Triple Crown Contest are Approved Articles, Forum Posts and Referred Articles. There is no cost or obligation to participate and you can get involved in all three categories, just one category or any combination of the three that you choose.

The contest runs quarterly, with winners announced at the end of each calendar quarter, and a new contest beginning the first day of the next quarter. There are no quotas or specific volume requirements, meaning you are free to participate whenever you want during a particular quarter. The only thing is that article submissions and forum posts count only for the period for which they have been submitted; they do not carry forward into the next contest period.

To launch your run for the Triple Crown, all you need to do is either sign up for Evan’s directory and submit an article, or join the Entrepreneur Forums and post a forum comment, or refer another author to Evan’s directory (using the unique referral link you will get when you become an author on Evan’s site).

To win a single category, you need to have the highest number of approved or recorded entries or posts in the category at the end of the contest quarter. To win the Triple Crown, you need to have the highest number in all three categories.

Advantages of Approved Articles

The Approved Articles category can be especially valuable to you as an Internet Marketer. The more articles you post, the more exposure you will get. This translates into greater credibility in your field or marketing niche and potentially more traffic to your website.

The additional advantage to submitting articles to directories is the longevity of those articles; if they are in a popular directory like the one on the site, they will remain there for a very long time continuing to attract attention and drive traffic to your site.

They key to winning any of the categories in the Triple Crown Contest, or the Triple Crown itself, is volume: the more articles, forum posts and referred authors you can generate in a calendar quarter, the better chance you have of dominating the contest competition.

Submit an ArticleThe best thing to do is to sign up (free) as an Author, submit an article to get started, and then visit the Entrepreneur Forums to get some insight and a feel for how the TCC goes. It’s fun, but it is also highly beneficial to your Internet Marketing business.

Check out my previous post about the TCC, and watch for the next post where I will highlight some additional details about the Forum Posts category of the contest.

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