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Try this article marketing strategy if you want to promote your website, build backlinks and get your share of direct traffic and organic search engine traffic. Using articles to achieve these goals is one of the easiest ways to market online.

This strategy involves a couple of steps. First, you will write a blog post. Then you will write a related article to submit to article directories. There are a number of directories where you can submit articles free.

It all begins with thorough keyword research to identify what your target audience is looking for and what keywords and phrases they use when searching for information related to the topic you will be writing about. …

Choose your topic and your keywords very carefully. The closer you can target your prospective customers with well written, keyword-centered articles, the more successful this article marketing strategy will be.

Write a blog post on the chosen topic, using your keyword phrase in the title, in the opening and closing paragraphs and once more in the body of the post. If it is a shorter post, say 300 words or less, use the keyword phrase only in the opening and closing comments.

Publish the blog post on your website and post notices and links to it on your favourite Social Media sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

Submit Articles FreeNext, carefully choose a new, but similar keyword phrase and write an article around it (about 400 words). Once again, place the keywords in the opening and closing paragraphs and once somewhere near the middle of the article. You will post this article in directories with a link or two in the author resource box pointing back to your website or the related blog post or both, where you are allowed to do that. Also, where allowed, it is good to include a call to action in your article directing the reader to click the link(s) in the resource box for more information on the topic.

You can post the same article in various directories, although some directories might require unique articles not posted anywhere else. As an alternative, you can create several versions of the article by changing the title in each and by changing some of the wording in the body of the article. Some marketers make changes to the first and last paragraphs and to a few paragraphs or sentences elsewhere in the article.

Regarding the author resource box, where you are permitted, it is recommended to include two links pointing back to your website. One link should point to your home page and the anchor text for the link should be the keywords that your home page is optimized for. The second link should point to the specific blog post that you are promoting and the anchor text should include the keywords that the post is optimized for.

Once complete, submit the article to the directory. When you receive confirmation that the article has been accepted and published, then be sure to post notices and the respective links to it on your favourite Social Media sites.

That’s it! To recap, first research, write and publish a keyword blog post and share the link to it on social networking sites. Next, write a related keyword article and submit it to the directories, being certain to include two links to your website, as outlined above, in your author resource box. Once a directory publishes the submitted article, share the link to the article with members of your social networking communities.

This is an article marketing strategy that has worked well for many Internet Marketers. Give it a try! And while you’re at it, open up a free author account in the directory and begin your blog promoting campaign today.

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