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Did you know you can get traffic to your site with backlinks even without the search engines? Most Internet Marketers know this, of course, but it almost seemed like many had “forgotten” it over the past few years.

Many marketers were focusing instead on some intensive search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. However, recent search engine algorithm updates have given the online marketing community a painful wake-up call.

For a long time, the big thing in Internet Marketing was trying to game the search engines with every possible method of link building a marketer could find and employ: the good, the bad and the ugly. It worked for a while, but now the search engines have gotten smarter and have become less tolerant of link schemes. As a result, many websites have been penalized and a whole lot of marketers are hurting. Bigtime. …

But guess what? You can build your business without relying on the search engines. If you focus on a few backlinking tactics designed to get traffic without the search engines, not only will you improve your image as a marketer and get traffic to your site, but chances are you will also improve your search engine results in the bargain. It’s a double whammy!

Targeted Traffic

Traffic is the central element to online success, and targeted traffic is the primary focus. Every link you build should be aimed at getting targeted traffic. Know who your prime prospects are and build your backlinks accordingly. A quality backlink that delivers targeted traffic is far better than numbers of low quality links that may or may not help your search engine rank.

Dofollow and Nofollow Links

Get Traffic to Your SiteWe were often told to avoid “nofollow” links and only go for “dofollow” links. But guess what? You can still get targeted traffic from “nofollow” links!

Don’t worry about nofollow or dofollow. Instead, look for websites that closely match the theme or marketing niche of your site. Sites similar to yours that offer strong, quality content to their visitors are great choices as link partners for you because they are already attracting the targeted visitors that you seek.

Anchor Text

Forget about using the same anchor text in all of your backlinks; the search engines don’t like that anymore. In fact, forget about the search engines and simply design your anchor text to appeal to the human reader because after all, your aim is to attract a targeted visitor.

Today, it is the quality of the content around your link that is important. If the content is well written and relative to your website, the reader will be pre-qualified and will more likely be interested in clicking through to your site for more great information. Your anchor text should fit in naturally with the context of its placement. The text could be your keywords in one link and a simple “Click here” in another. Whatever fits best in the context.

Be Attractive To Potential Partners

In most cases, other websites want the same thing you want: MORE targeted traffic. You can enhance your chances of getting backlinks from high quality sites by improving the quality of your own site: make your site attractive to potential link partners.

Add new content to your site regularly and make sure it has true value to your audience; social bookmark every new item of content so other website owners hear about it; clearly emphasize your targeted marketing niche throughout all elements on your web page; place high quality content above the fold and minimize the emphasis on the ads and promotional elements on the page.

The ideas I have presented here today are intended to help you get traffic to your site using backlinks. These methods may also improve your search engine results and if they do, consider that a bonus. Whatever methods you use, always focus on getting targeted traffic. That’s where the money is.

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