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Backlinks are vital to the success of a website. You need links pointing back to your site to help you get more targeted traffic and to place better in the search engines. Here are some tips on how to build links basically from scratch.

I just read an article titled Direct Request Link Building from Zero posted in the electronic version of Website Magazine.

The article notes that, while there are “hands-off” ways to build links, like submitting to directories or local business listings, the best way to do it is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with authoritative websites and blogs in your marketing niche. …

The article begins by saying, “Everybody has to start somewhere, and when you’re trying to build credibility and bring people to your website basically from scratch, there are myriad opportunities available to build links around the Web that will make users and search engines, alike, take notice.”

Where do you begin? The article offers some additional insight and a few ideas on how to build links from scratch. You can click to read the full article, but here are a few highlights:

Direct Requests: Just ask!

“The best way to approach someone is to be open and honest,” notes the article.

Look for high quality sites related to your niche and then send a carefully crafted direct request message to the site owner or contact person.
Website Magazine
Here is a recommendation from the article: “Remember that you’re trying to build relationships here, so if you’re going to send a direct request email, do so in a way that shows that you’re familiar with the website and its work, and explain how you could benefit them, as well.”

Keep Them Updated

The article advises that, “One way to prove that linking to your website will also be beneficial to the linker is to provide them with some valuable information or content right off the bat.”

You could provide the site with an insightful news release concerning something new or unique you are doing, or by highlighting some informative, niche-related happening or development that you know will be of interest to that website’s visitors.

Give Away Content

One way to give away content is to submit a unique, well-written guest blog post that will be exclusive to that website.

“If they publish it,” explains the article, “not only will this automatically give you one link from their website (since they’ll likely link to your website somewhere in the post), but it will also help you establish a relationship with them that is mutually beneficial from the outset, and that will greatly improve your chances of getting links from them in the future.”

In closing, the article states that good link building is all about forging lasting and valuable relationships with others. This requires some initiative and effort on your part and a proactive approach to creating and sharing niche- or industry-related content that offers value to visitors and readers.

For more insight on how to build links, read the Website Magazine article, Direct Request Link Building from Zero.

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