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Effective link building techniques can make your business, while improper methods can break your business, thanks to touchy search engine algorithms. We often hear about good things to do. Here are a few techniques to avoid.

The information I share here comes from an article at Website Magazine titled Big List of Link Building No-Nos. I will include a few highlights in this post. To read the full article, click the above link and read it at the source.

The article notes that building backlinks is an essential duty for the owners of websites and that using proper link building techniques is a very important element in the branding process. …

First on the list is irrelevant or duplicate content. If you don’t post fresh, unique, quality content worth linking to, don’t expect other websites to link back to you.

“Avoid running duplicate content (either content previously published on your site, or that you’ve written and published elsewhere) and writing guest blog posts for irrelevant sites,” cautions the article.

Second, don’t spam or leave irrelevant comments on other websites. You want to make your presence known on other sites, but since the idea is to create a positive image or a positive Link Building Techniquesbrand, it is counterproductive to post comments that are meaningless and that do not add value to the topic or the discussion.

Also, regarding personal promotion, “Only add references or links to your site when it will add value to other visitors,” advises the article.

Third, be social. Do not be pushy. The article notes that you aren’t going to get anywhere in today’s marketplace without using social media, but to make it effective you need to engage with your followers and other authoritative leaders in your marketing niche. Simply be sociable and friendly and avoid blatant self-promotion.

Fourth, do not buy low quality links and do not trade links with sites of questionable quality. It is better to get a few high quality links through natural link building techniques than it is to get a whole bunch of poor quality links.

Fifth, pace your directory submissions. The article says that submitting your website to directories is good, but don’t submit to too many, too quickly. The search engines want to see a natural growth in your link popularity and they will get suspicious and possibly penalize you if you suddenly get a ton of directory links. “Good links come naturally and are built up over time,” the article points out.

The article covers three additional topics:

~ Don’t Over-Link to Your Own Site

~ Link to Various Pages on Your Site (not only to your home page)

~ Change Up the Anchor Text

You can view the full article at Website Magazine here: Big List of Link Building No-Nos

There are lots of ways to build good quality links. Many link building techniques are good, but many others are not. Give your methods some serious thought before employing them and do your best to avoid the questionable ones.

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