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Well, it has been about a year since Internet Marketers got hit hard by the Panda algorithm updates, followed by the Penguin updates. Have you bounced back yet? This post will offer a few link building tips for the search engine challenged.

It is interesting, but some marketers fared well through those search engine shake-ups, while others became totally frustrated and faded away. Most of us fell somewhere in between and have been working to re-establish a respectable presence in the search engines.

If there is one thing that has been drilled into us it is that quality content is now a top priority, as is posting fresh content frequently. A third factor is building quality backlinks and that is what we will look at today. …

The starting point is making your site attractive to your targeted visitors and potential link partners. This means knowing exactly who they are and what will appeal to them and posting blogs, articles and other content that offers obvious value.

High value content is the kind that provides niche-related insight, answers to questions your targeted visitors might ask, and gives solutions to the problems or challenges they might be seeking to overcome.

If you give visitors what they want, they will come back again and might tell others about your site as well. That’s what your potential link partners want, too. Link Building TipsIf they see that your content has high value, they will want to link to it for the interest and benefit of their own visitors and customers.

Once your site becomes known for high quality content posted frequently, you will start to see other websites linking back to it. However, Internet Marketing is an extremely competitive business, so do not leave your link building process up to chance. Include goal-setting on your list of link building tips and be proactive in your efforts.

Know what types of backlinks you want and where or how best to get them and then set some specific number goals and timeline goals to help keep you focused and motivated.

For example, a popular site with good traffic volumes and a marketing theme or niche focus closely similar to yours can give you a high quality backlink (good for search engine purposes) and will send targeted visitors to your site.

It makes sense, then, to look for such sites and then contact the owners to advise them that your content will be of interest and value to their readers and that they are most welcome to create relevant links to content on your site. Set a goal to establish a specific number of these kinds of backlinks each day or week or month, depending on your schedule.

Also look for related sites that contain keywords related to the type of business promoted on your website. Work on getting plenty of backlinks from these sites and, again, set some number and timeline goals, like 20 or 30 new links each week.

It can be challenging to keep up with the search engines. If you focus on quality content posted frequently, and have a dedicated plan in place aimed at steadily increasing your backlinks, you will make progress. Always be watching for link building tips that support your business and marketing goals.

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