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This post will reveal to you five things to remember when building backlinks. I am taking this from the new eBook by my marketing mentor, Suzanne Morrison, titled, “30 Ways to Get Backlinks.”

Suzanne emphasizes the importance of making your backlinks as natural and varied as possible. The Google search engine is now penalizing sites that appear to have an unnatural backlink profile.

Here are five important things to remember when building backlinks, beginning with the most obvious one:

1) High Quality – Links from high quality sites are worth more. …

2) Low Number of Outbound Links – The more outbound links a page has, the less benefit you will get from having a link on that page. So a link from a page that only has five outgoing links on it is better than a link from a page with 30 links on it.

3) Volume – As a rough guide, you are going to need more links than the website that is at the top of Google for your keywords if you want to rank ahead of them.

Building Backlinks4) Variety – Get backlinks from a variety of different sources. Don’t just use one type of backlink building. The more natural your link building looks, the better.

5) Anchor Text – always remember to put your keywords in the anchor text of your backlink.

The above list is included on the first page of information in Suzanne’s new link building tutorial. It is followed by another 16 pages of practical insight, link building methods and resourceful recommendations.

I am making this new eBook available as a free added bonus to subscribers of my Website Traffic Tips newsletter. Subscribe now and when you confirm your subscription you will instantly receive the download link for the 30 Ways to Get Backlinks eBook plus the other benefits and bonuses promised to subscribers.

Whether or not you subscribe to receive this great resource, I hope you will apply the things outlined here in this post today when you are working on building backlinks.

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