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It used to be that you could improve your search engine results simply by getting as many website backlinks as possible, from anywhere possible. That whole strategy has been overturned in recent years and today, quality, not quantity, is the key.

Today, I am going to briefly highlight how to get quality backlinks from forums and website directories, but understand that backlinks from these two sources are just a small part of an overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

To be successful, you need quality content on your website and blog; quality articles in the article directories; quality interaction with your prospective customers on social media sites, and now, quality positioning in forums and directories. …

A couple of years ago, many Internet Marketers focused on quantity in each of these areas, rather than quality. They posted massive amounts of content with questionable quality on their sites; a lot of duplicate or near duplicate articles in the article directories; and tons of meaningless social and blog posting just to be seen.

Additionally, marketers joined a lot of business and marketing forums and submitted their websites to every possible online website directory they could find.

Website Backlinks a PuzzleThis strategy worked for some marketers, for a while. Then, one day, the good people running the search engines upgraded their software and algorithms in such a way so as to effectively render the SEO on many websites virtually meaningless.

Marketers scrambled to learn the new rules and to make changes to the way they ‘do’ SEO.

Quality was now the enforced standard and it included everything from website content to social marketing, forum marketing, article marketing, directory submissions and pretty much everything else you do to market your website and your products and services.

Here is how to approach backlinking with business and marketing forums and website directories.


To win favour with the search engines you truly have to be clear and focused on the topic or theme of your website in everything you do. This means that you should find online business and marketing forums that are very closely related to the marketing focus of your website. Join these forums, post your website or web page link in your forum signature and then become an active, contributing member of those forums.


Once again, focus on high quality website directories that are capable of delivering visitors to your website that are truly interested in what your website is all about. Not only do you have a much better chance of selling something to a targeted visitor, but search engines like it when a visitor searches a directory in a specific category and then clicks a link in that category that takes them to your site. It is better to get links from a few authoritative directories than it is to get a lot of links from random, general directories.

The bottom line to getting website backlinks is quality. Whenever you engage in any kind of marketing activity, consider whether or not the search engines will view it as a quality activity or a spammy activity. Always go for quality. That’s the reality of today’s SEO climate.

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