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Most website owners understand the value and importance of establishing quality web links pointing back to their website and web pages. There are good ways to get links and there are bad ways. White Hat link building is best.

Internet Marketers refer to “White Hat” as being “acceptable” link building practices. That is, methods that are acceptable to the search engines and that will not get you in trouble, or penalized or get your website banned altogether.

The search engine algorithms are subject to frequent updates and the optimization rules continually change, so it is difficult to know for certain what the most acceptable methods for building links truly are, but there are a few techniques that should be obviously safe. …

There are no clearly defined “rules” of search engine optimization (SEO), but if there were, the first one would be Quality Content.

Content MUST be created for the intended reader, NOT designed for the search engines. The search engines are getting much better at distinguishing between the two and that is one reason why so many articles in directories, blog posts and other site content and pages have lost so much influence and value in the search engine results.

If I were to choose a second rule of SEO, I would say do not try to trick or deceive the search engines in any way. Optimize your content for its true meaning so that the search engine spiders can immediately tell that the backlink and its location are related to the content the link points to. Make certain that the user finds the information that is expected.

In no particular order of preference, a few other White Hat link building methods might include the following:

Link Building Training~ Guest Blogging: Write guest posts for other blogs in your marketing niche. Have the back link in each post point back to a related blog post or article on your website.

~ Google Alerts: There are marketers who use quotes or portions of your content without including a link back to your website. You can set up Google Alerts to tell you when your name or your company gets mentioned somewhere and when it happens without a link, you can ask the site owner to add a backlink pointing to your site or to a related post or page.

~ Blog Commenting: Leave legitimate, meaningful comments on blogs that interest you and that relate to your own market niche. Include the link to your website in the appropriate spot, but take note: do not use keywords as your name. Search engines now view this as comment spamming.

There are numerous other ways to work at White Hat link building. Internet Marketers who want to build a positive brand and are planning for the future will use only the most appropriate and acceptable ways to build backlinks. Stay away from methods that could get you penalized or banned.

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