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Free Affiliate Marketing Training

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A few days ago I wrote the post titled “Earn While You Learn With SFI.” I explained how you could become an affiliate with the SFI Marketing Group and receive free Affiliate Marketing training. Today, I’ll highlight some of that training.

One of the things you are encouraged to do when you become an SFI affiliate is go through the LaunchPad training series. LaunchPad is 30 lessons or sessions or days of focused and easy to digest information and insight about Affiliate Marketing and the SFI marketing and compensation plan.

Here is a peek into LaunchPad Day 3, titled “Are You On The Anti-Wealth Plan?” … Read the rest of this entry

Earn While You Learn With SFI

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I try to recommend helpful home business resources and inspirational ideas for personal development on my website. I also watch for Internet income opportunities where you can earn while you learn about Affiliate Marketing.

You will see me frequently recommending the SFI Marketing Group opportunity because I believe it has everything the aspiring home-based entrepreneur needs to learn the business, do the business and become financially successful with the business.

Some places online, you might read ads or promotional messages that try to tell you that Internet Marketing is easy, that with very little effort you will be successful. Well, it’s just not that simple. You might as well know right now that there is a lot to learn in this business and it takes time, effort and dedication. … Read the rest of this entry

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Five Affiliate Network Marketing Leaders Wanted: You can build this business from scratch, or if you already have a team that will follow you into a new opportunity, then bring your best business builders and let’s get this party started!

Anybody can do this business, but newcomers to online Network Marketing may have a tougher time getting their businesses rolling. Building a successful and profitable affiliate network takes time, commitment and dedication. You have to do your marketing to recruit new affiliates and then you have to identify the leaders and work with them to get their teams started.

On the other hand, if you are experienced, and especially if you are skilled at recruiting and coaching, you can be in profit almost immediately, certainly your first month, and then you will be increasing and accelerating your income every month thereafter; but only if you have the skills. … Read the rest of this entry

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Whatever online affiliate program they promote, one thing that many aspiring home business enthusiasts often lack is a structured program of development that focuses on the essentials of success. If that sounds like you, here is help.

The Affiliate Power Group (APG) four week Summer Olympic Challenge starts on August 13 and while it is okay to come in late, it is so much better to get started as early as possible to take full advantage of the mentor training that comes along with the Summer Challenge.

That is the purpose of this message today: to encourage you to join the APG, check out the many benefits and resources it has to offer, and take part in the contest. … Read the rest of this entry

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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Now, a public service announcement: This is for home business enthusiasts seeking information on Affiliate Marketing for beginners. There is an easy and inexpensive way to get started and get the guidance you need.

Alright, I confess. This is not a public service announcement; it is a promotional message highlighting the benefits of the recently updated My Affiliate Power Site program, how you can plug into a system that teaches you how to set up your own niche marketing site and start making money online.

You do want to make money online, don’t you? You’re not just looking for a hobby to help you pass the time away, right? Because, while setting up your affiliate site will be easy with the guidance provided, it does require that you actually do some of the work, and once set up, there are some recommended marketing methods you will need to learn and apply. … Read the rest of this entry

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EVERY Internet Marketer who is looking for a new way to make money online, or a better way, or simply an additional way to earn extra Internet income will want to check out the newly released My Affiliate Power Site v.2.0 (MAPS).

If you are involved in Affiliate Marketing in any form then you will truly appreciate this totally revamped and updated marketing system. It is designed both to help the beginner set up their first website to get a leg up on the business and help beginners and experienced markers alike tap into new sources of online income.

The MAPS program is totally FREE to join, although there are a couple of upgrade options that are extremely beneficial to marketers looking to accelerate their Internet success. MAPS offers free step-by-step training covering how to set up a money making website and how to be successful as an Affiliate Marketer. … Read the rest of this entry

How to Build an Email List

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Every Internet Marketer needs to learn how to build an email list. There are many ways to make money online, but a well-developed email list is one beneficial resource that has the potential to pay you dividends over and over again.

This post will highlight the key points of opt-in list building. More detailed guides can be found by searching online or by joining a membership site like the Affiliate Power Group.

The first step in building your list is understanding the value and importance of doing it. … Read the rest of this entry

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Everybody wants to help you choose the right Affiliate Marketing opportunities and they mean well, but who knows better than you what is best? All they can do is recommend their favourites, then let you choose for yourself.

I have often said that there is probably an affiliate opportunity for just about any product or service you can imagine. The challenge is finding a dependable affiliate supplier or provider for it. Fortunately, the Internet makes that easier.

Your task then is to decide exactly what types of products, services or programs you want to market and promote, then do sufficient research online to find suitable providers. Let’s do a little brainstorming here. … Read the rest of this entry

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If you are building for the future and want to make sure to have ongoing income for the long term, there are three things your home based affiliate business needs. Well, there’s more than three, but these three are foundational.

Your Affiliate Marketing business needs a self-hosted website, affiliate products or services related to the general theme of your website, and a dependable autoresponder service.

Obviously, I have preferred suppliers to recommend for each of these, but the fact is there are numerous choices and you should do your due diligence in researching and selecting the choices that best fit your needs and interests. … Read the rest of this entry

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Uh-oh. If you miss this opportunity, you might kick yourself later. Read this post to the end to learn about a great competition that will give you a chance to win prizes AND give your home business a boost. Truly take it to the next level!

Even though the prizes are awesome, the real value (in my opinion) is in the skills you will learn over the four weeks of the competition, along with the disciplines you will develop that will continue to drive your Internet business long after the competition has closed.

As you will see from the following announcement, the ultimate purpose of the competition is to “teach people how to blog, and how to make money doing it.” If this interests you in any way whatsoever, please keep reading…

(Hey. Even if it doesn’t interest you at first, if you are serious about building your Internet home business, you will be wise to read this announcement …) Read the rest of this entry

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