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Article Marketing is one of the most popular and effective ways to promote your online business. There are many free article directories. Here is one with tons of daily traffic. Submit an article now to launch your 2013 marketing.

This directory is on the website, a site that features an awesome variety of information resources and sources for small business entrepreneurs of all varieties. Post your articles, too, and be included with an impressive lineup of business writers and authors.

Evan’s article directory is free and should definitely be included on your list of article sites to submit to regularly. … Read the rest of this entry

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A big part of establishing yourself as a leader in your home business niche is showing your targeted prospects and customers that you can help them solve their problems. Recommending beneficial resources is part of that process.

The article directory on the website is one of the Internet Marketing resources that you should be using personally and that you should also be recommending to your prospects and customers.

If recommending this directory simply for the value of exposure that it offers is not a good enough reason for you, today I will give you an additional incentive for telling others about it. … Read the rest of this entry

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Just as a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, your chance to win a prize in the Triple Crown Contest on the site can begin when you submit an article to Evan’s popular article directory.

The directory is free, it gets an impressive amount of monthly traffic, and if you offer quality and value in your article, readers will be motivated to visit your website to see what else you have to offer.

Oh, yeah; and then there is the contest. There are three categories in the Triple Crown Contest (TCC). You can win prizes in each category and you can also win the coveted Triple Crown prize by leading in all three categories. You can read about this in greater detail in my previous post, Promote Your Business With This Cool Contest.

Today’s post will touch on the “Approved Articles” category and using Article Marketing to promote your business. … Read the rest of this entry

Try This Article Marketing Strategy

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Try this article marketing strategy if you want to promote your website, build backlinks and get your share of direct traffic and organic search engine traffic. Using articles to achieve these goals is one of the easiest ways to market online.

This strategy involves a couple of steps. First, you will write a blog post. Then you will write a related article to submit to article directories. There are a number of directories where you can submit articles free.

It all begins with thorough keyword research to identify what your target audience is looking for and what keywords and phrases they use when searching for information related to the topic you will be writing about. … Read the rest of this entry

Submit To This Free Article Directory Today

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Internet Marketers who want to brand themselves as experts and build their credibility need to submit to this free article directory today! It is on the website and it offers many advantages.

Check out Evan’s directory right now. Not only will you get great exposure, but you can also promote your free downloads, blogs, YouTube videos, Twitter accounts and more to help grow your online business.

There is no cost to become an author in the EC directory and it is easy to set up an account and start posting your articles. … Read the rest of this entry

Submit To This Article Submission Site Today

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Submit to this article submission site today! It’s popular. It attracts all of the industry leaders (EVERY industry – check it out!) And it gets hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every month.

I am talking about the article directory on the site. You can promote yourself free in this directory and you will be joining well over 6,000 other entrepreneurs, some of them quite famous.

The reason Evan’s site attracts so many monthly visitors is because it is literally loaded with helpful articles written to inform, inspire, motivate and encourage entrepreneurs of all kinds, whether involved in big business ventures or home business opportunities. … Read the rest of this entry