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It used to be that you could improve your search engine results simply by getting as many website backlinks as possible, from anywhere possible. That whole strategy has been overturned in recent years and today, quality, not quantity, is the key.

Today, I am going to briefly highlight how to get quality backlinks from forums and website directories, but understand that backlinks from these two sources are just a small part of an overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

To be successful, you need quality content on your website and blog; quality articles in the article directories; quality interaction with your prospective customers on social media sites, and now, quality positioning in forums and directories. … Read the rest of this entry

Link Building Techniques to Avoid

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Effective link building techniques can make your business, while improper methods can break your business, thanks to touchy search engine algorithms. We often hear about good things to do. Here are a few techniques to avoid.

The information I share here comes from an article at Website Magazine titled Big List of Link Building No-Nos. I will include a few highlights in this post. To read the full article, click the above link and read it at the source.

The article notes that building backlinks is an essential duty for the owners of websites and that using proper link building techniques is a very important element in the branding process. … Read the rest of this entry

How to Build Links from Scratch

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Backlinks are vital to the success of a website. You need links pointing back to your site to help you get more targeted traffic and to place better in the search engines. Here are some tips on how to build links basically from scratch.

I just read an article titled Direct Request Link Building from Zero posted in the electronic version of Website Magazine.

The article notes that, while there are “hands-off” ways to build links, like submitting to directories or local business listings, the best way to do it is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with authoritative websites and blogs in your marketing niche. … Read the rest of this entry

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Despite the impact of search engine updates, link building is still important for websites. The difference now is, instead of going for lots of links of questionable quality, you need to get quality backlinks to show your influence.

Today, the way to woo those wily search engines is to demonstrate your influence and authority in your market niche. Of course, one leading way to do that is to frequently post fresh, unique content, especially content that people want to share with others.

You must also get links back from quality websites with content that is highly relevant to your marketing niche. This, again, comes down to posting high quality content on your site that attracts the interest of other website owners and motivates them to want to link to you. … Read the rest of this entry

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Well, it has been about a year since Internet Marketers got hit hard by the Panda algorithm updates, followed by the Penguin updates. Have you bounced back yet? This post will offer a few link building tips for the search engine challenged.

It is interesting, but some marketers fared well through those search engine shake-ups, while others became totally frustrated and faded away. Most of us fell somewhere in between and have been working to re-establish a respectable presence in the search engines.

If there is one thing that has been drilled into us it is that quality content is now a top priority, as is posting fresh content frequently. A third factor is building quality backlinks and that is what we will look at today. … Read the rest of this entry

White Hat Link Building is Best

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Most website owners understand the value and importance of establishing quality web links pointing back to their website and web pages. There are good ways to get links and there are bad ways. White Hat link building is best.

Internet Marketers refer to “White Hat” as being “acceptable” link building practices. That is, methods that are acceptable to the search engines and that will not get you in trouble, or penalized or get your website banned altogether.

The search engine algorithms are subject to frequent updates and the optimization rules continually change, so it is difficult to know for certain what the most acceptable methods for building links truly are, but there are a few techniques that should be obviously safe. … Read the rest of this entry

Get Traffic To Your Site With Backlinks

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Did you know you can get traffic to your site with backlinks even without the search engines? Most Internet Marketers know this, of course, but it almost seemed like many had “forgotten” it over the past few years.

Many marketers were focusing instead on some intensive search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. However, recent search engine algorithm updates have given the online marketing community a painful wake-up call.

For a long time, the big thing in Internet Marketing was trying to game the search engines with every possible method of link building a marketer could find and employ: the good, the bad and the ugly. It worked for a while, but now the search engines have gotten smarter and have become less tolerant of link schemes. As a result, many websites have been penalized and a whole lot of marketers are hurting. Bigtime. … Read the rest of this entry

SEO Backlinking Conundrum

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Developing an effective backlinking strategy has never been easy and recent search engine changes have shaken things up. Google suggests a method, but for many Internet Marketers, I think it creates an SEO backlinking conundrum.

While I agree with and support Google’s suggestion, I see it as kind of a Catch-22 situation, like which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Today’s post is a follow-up to my previous post titled, “Getting Backlinks the Google Way.” Here, I will repeat the method outlined by Google and I will offer my opinion on how I see it as being a potential conundrum or Catch-22 for online marketers. … Read the rest of this entry

Getting Backlinks the Google Way

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Internet Marketers know the importance of getting quality backlinks from relevant websites, but achieving that goal can be challenging. If you want to make the search engines happy, you need to work on getting backlinks the Google way.

My previous APC blog post, Highlights From a Recent Google Algorithm Update, mentioned the dim view that Google takes of marketers and websites that employ “link schemes” to build backlinks.

Today’s post will mention a few of those nefarious link schemes. I will also highlight Google’s recommended method for building relevant backlinks. … Read the rest of this entry

Things to Remember When Building Backlinks

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This post will reveal to you five things to remember when building backlinks. I am taking this from the new eBook by my marketing mentor, Suzanne Morrison, titled, “30 Ways to Get Backlinks.”

Suzanne emphasizes the importance of making your backlinks as natural and varied as possible. The Google search engine is now penalizing sites that appear to have an unnatural backlink profile.

Here are five important things to remember when building backlinks, beginning with the most obvious one:

1) High Quality – Links from high quality sites are worth more. … Read the rest of this entry