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How to Shop Local and Earn Rewards Online

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Consider this: You buy products and services from businesses and merchants in your own community … AND you earn rewards online for doing so! Everybody wins: you, the merchant, and you again!

But how can this be possible, you ask? Good question. Let me tell you how it is done.

First, you become an affiliate with the SFI Marketing Group. It is free and there are no purchase requirements.

Second, you read up on our E-Commerce Associates (ECA) program where commercial sellers (merchants, businesses, etc.) can list their items for sale in our online store. … Read the rest of this entry

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In a nutshell, here is exactly how E-Commerce Business referrals can make you money: You introduce businesses to our E-Commerce Associates (ECA) program; they list products in our online store; you earn commissions when their products sell!

There are two levels of commissions you can qualify to receive – both are easy. One is the basic commission for every sale your ECA referrals make. The other is a combination of the basic commission PLUS a sales commission if you are the one who promotes and sells the item.

Your basic commission is 10% of the commission volume of the item. Commission volume is the difference between the product’s wholesale/base cost and the price that it sells for. For example, if your ECA referral sells a product for $100 and the commission volume was $50, your commission on that item would be $5. … Read the rest of this entry

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Here is an e-commerce portal that is perfect for small and medium businesses that want to get set up online fast with their products and services. It is the E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program on the TripleClicks shopping site.

TripleClicks currently lists more than 78,000 products and services and the site is ALWAYS looking for new merchants to add their product or service lines. The ECA program allows you to go global instantly, reaching more than 1.6 million registered members and potentially millions more.

There are no listing fees. Just sign up free, upload your product information and start selling online! … Read the rest of this entry

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Here is an advanced marketing opportunity for experienced OR enthusiastic go-getters willing to do a little footwork to put themselves in a position to earn royalties for life. As a marketer, you’ve got to see the enormous potential in this.

The process is simple: you contact businesses who want to sell their products online; you introduce them to our E-Commerce Associates program; they sign up (free), upload their products to our online e-commerce shopping site and whenever THEY sell something, YOU earn a royalty!

Also, if you want a bigger piece of the pie, you can promote any products they have listed in the store and when you sell something on their behalf, you get both a sales commission AND the royalty mentioned above. How great is that? … Read the rest of this entry

Your Own Online Store Website Instantly

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This is nothing new. You can find deals to get your own online store website all over the Internet. The difference here is I am committed to this business; we succeed through team building; and you can earn group volume rewards.

The online store is the centerpiece of this business. You will earn direct commissions and residual income by promoting the store and the more than 58,000 items in it, and also by supporting it yourself.

You can accelerate your monthly income by introducing new affiliate marketers to the business. Working together, we will coach and encourage the people you introduce and will lead them through the company training so they can learn the recommended techniques to effectively build their businesses. … Read the rest of this entry

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People around the world are gearing up for the holidays. For sellers, this means more sales. For buyers, it means more bargains. Wherever you fit in, you might like to use TripleClicks to sell and buy online for your holiday needs.

Most people can use a little extra cash around this time of the year and with TripleClicks, you can clean out your closets, your basement and your garage and get rid of stuff you no longer want or need. Why not make some money online? TripleClicks makes this very easy to do.

If you have a small or medium business and you are looking for an excellent e-commerce site to list and sell your products, then TripleClicks is the place to go! Check out our E-Commerce Associates program. … Read the rest of this entry

Reach Millions With Your Own E-Commerce Store

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When you become an E-Commerce Associate with this program, you can instantly go global, reach millions of shoppers with your own e-commerce store and sell your products in more than 190 countries worldwide.

This program is perfect for small and medium businesses that understand the potential of the Internet and want to get set up fast with their own customized e-commerce website.

There are no listing fees and no risks. All you do is sign up, upload your product information and let this marketing network of more than 100,000 affiliates do the promoting and selling for you. The service provider retains a small fee only when you make a sale. … Read the rest of this entry