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A Friendly Community Of Entrepreneurs

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Social Networking sites have taken off in recent years, and they can be beneficial for Internet home business marketers. But traditional online forums should not be counted out. Here is a friendly community of entrepreneurs where you will find information and inspiration.

The Entrepreneur Forums, hosted on the EvanCarmichael.com website, is an excellent entrepreneurial environment where you can exchange ideas, compare notes, and give and get plenty of encouragement. And the great thing is it’s all free.

Let’s face it: family and friends will go only so far in listening to your ideas and aspirations. What you really need is a sympathetic audience who can relate to your dreams and challenges every step of the way. The Entrepreneur Forums is just such a place. … Read the rest of this entry

Article Marketing With The Leaders

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What do recognized leaders like Donald Trump, Zig Ziglar and Guy Kawasaki have in common? Well, among other things, they include Article Marketing in their marketing plans. Imagine doing YOUR Article Marketing with the leaders!

The above mentioned high achievers, and many others, have another thing in common: they have articles posted in the article directory at EvanCarmichael.com. And now, you can post your business and marketing articles in the same directory, free, right alongside theirs.

Not only will you enhance your image as an Internet Marketer by associating with these famous entrepreneurs, but the EvanCarmichael.com article directory is also an effective place to brand yourself as an expert in your niche and build additional backlinks to your website. … Read the rest of this entry

Social Networking For Internet Success

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One of the greatest marketing resources to evolve from the World Wide Web has to be Social Media: in other words, sites that promote Social Networking. If you apply it well, you can use Social Networking for Internet success.

The popularity of Social Networking has certainly increased over the past year, as evidenced by the number of new social sites that have popped up, and by how some of them have quickly become some of the highest traffic websites on the Internet.

Home business owners can derive great benefits from Social Networking if they take the time to understand how to use it correctly. Let’s take a quick look at three of the most common questions home based Internet Marketers often ask about Social NetworkingRead the rest of this entry

A Friendly Entrepreneur Community

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Friends, readers, entrepreneurs … lend me your ears … um, I mean, your eyes! I have something wonderful to share with you and I have a recommendation, if you are interested in the benefits of a Friendly Entrepreneur Community where you can exchange ideas, insight and marketing information.

First, the recommendation.

Some of you know that I am active in a few online business and marketing forums and that I am a big promoter of the informational and networking value of these forums. You may also have noticed that since my Affiliate Power website was launched earlier this year, I have shown enthusiastic support here for one particular forum site – the Entrepreneur Forums at EvanCarmichael.com.

If you spend a few minutes visiting the Entrepreneur Forums, you will find that it truly is a Friendly Entrepreneur Community. And what does that mean?

Well, I can tell you from experience that every forum site online has its own personality. Some are extremely formal. Some are extremely relaxed, where anything goes. Some are geared mostly to “experienced” marketers and seem to show little tolerance and sensitivity to the inexperience of “newbies” – those new to business and marketing.

The Entrepreneur Forums combines the best of all worlds … Read the rest of this entry

Home Business Income The Hard Way

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You may have noticed: the competition is getting tougher for anybody trying to build a business online these days because everybody seems to be jumping on the Internet bandwagon. And quite a few of them are discovering ways to earn home business income the hard way. Maybe you can relate?

A lot of Internet and Affiliate Marketing “newbies” get in a real rush and try to skip some important steps in the marketing process. For example, they jump right into the advertising and marketing part before taking the time to learn and apply proper search engine optimization techniques. Web traffic is one of the keys to success, and search engine traffic can be very profitable because traffic from the search engines is typically targeted traffic. But if you fail to optimize your site, your blog, your articles, etc., you could miss out on some valuable traffic and sales. It will take you longer to make money online and that’s one way that could cause you to earn home business income the hard way. Take time to research and learn more about Search Engine Optimization.

Another way to build a business the hard way is to jump from program to program thinking the problem is the program when it could simply be your own marketing skills that need work. In many cases, if a product or program is not producing the desired results, it’s because either… Read the rest of this entry

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