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Link Building Tutorial Shows You 30 Ways

GT Bulmer | Link Building Tutorial GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

How do I love this free link building tutorial? Let me count the ways… Yep. There are 30 of ‘em! All wrapped up in a handy little eBook just waiting for you to take them, apply them and reap the backlink benefits.

Internet Marketing is all about traffic, and one of the best ways … no, make that TWO of the best ways to get free traffic are via links you get on other sites similar to yours, and organic traffic you get from high search engine rankings.

The added advantage to getting backlinks from other websites is that if they are quality links, chances are each one will earn you a little bit more search engine love. And that all adds up to better positioning on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

A new eBook has just been released that shows you 30 ways to get backlinks. It is a link building tutorial and I am giving it away free as an added bonus to subscribers of my Website Traffic Tips Newsletter. … Read the rest of this entry

Submit To This Free Article Directory Today

GT Bulmer | Free Article Directory GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

Internet Marketers who want to brand themselves as experts and build their credibility need to submit to this free article directory today! It is on the website and it offers many advantages.

Check out Evan’s directory right now. Not only will you get great exposure, but you can also promote your free downloads, blogs, YouTube videos, Twitter accounts and more to help grow your online business.

There is no cost to become an author in the EC directory and it is easy to set up an account and start posting your articles. … Read the rest of this entry

GT Bulmer | Optimize Your Website GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

Keyword marketing is the foundation of search engine success, but some marketers focus only on their home page. Other areas of a site need attention, too, and you should optimize your website pages for different keywords.

A balanced program of search engine optimization (SEO) should include all key pages on a website and each page should be optimized for different but related keywords and promoted with off-site methods accordingly.

The more pages you can add to your website and optimize for different keywords, the better. Many Internet Marketers use longer keyword phrases, at least in the early stages of their online business, because longer phrases have less search engine competition. … Read the rest of this entry

GT Bulmer | Getting Website Traffic GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

If you are looking for ways of getting website traffic free, here is a great eBook that will show you 30 ways to do it in 30 minutes or less. The eBook is available free and it has just been newly updated for 2012.

It’s real easy to get this handy resource: I am giving it away as a bonus to visitors who sign up for my Affiliate Power Site Report and Home Business Tips Newsletter. The Report will show you how to set up your own money-making website in less than a week. The Newsletter will provide you with a variety of insightful tips, ideas and resources to help you along with your online business.

If you already have an Internet business up and running, the free traffic eBook will give you some great ideas, perhaps several you may not already know about. … Read the rest of this entry

GT Bulmer | Website Traffic Tips GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

My friends, here is a two-for-one offer where you can grab the Google Website Traffic Tips eBook and get the Headlines That Sell eBook free as a bonus. These eBooks will help with your home business opportunities marketing efforts.

Over the past year, the Google search engine has been doing algorithm updates on an increasingly regular basis – this past December alone there were 30 such updates! It is hard for marketers to keep up with these changes, especially home based entrepreneurs working at it on a part time basis.

Rather than spending all of your time reading about search engine updates, your best bet is to simply focus on the essentials of search engine optimization (SEO). You can still do plenty of things to drive traffic to your site, even through all the Google updates. … Read the rest of this entry

Getting Free Targeted Traffic In The New Year

GT Bulmer | Free Targeted Traffic GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

The New Year is quickly approaching and it is time to plan exactly how you will go about getting free targeted traffic to your website. There are many good ways to do it. I can offer a free resource that will show you the best ways.

The resource is an eBook called The Top 25 Ways to Get FREE Website Traffic. This free eBook is a standout resource for home business marketers because it focuses on helping you get targeted traffic and that’s exactly the kind of traffic you want.

When you get targeted visitors, you know they will be open to the ideas, recommendations and offers you have waiting for them on your website. The reason they are visiting your website is because you have let them know clearly that you have things that will interest them.

So, how will you entice them with your great offers? Let me count the ways… Read the rest of this entry

GT Bulmer | Search Engine Optimization Resource GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

Here is a little SEO eBook that has helped me increase my website ranking and if you are interested, you can rank higher with this search engine optimization resource, too. It will teach you how to achieve success in three easy steps.

Written by SEO expert Suzanne Morrison, 3 Steps To Search Engine Success covers the basic elements of how to give the search engines exactly what they want so they will give you what you want: a higher search engine ranking resulting in more website traffic.

Successful SEO begins with choosing the right Keywords. Keyword Marketing is so vital in this new age of ever-increasing competitiveness. A lot of marketers overlook or undervalue this point, but keywords form the foundation of your search engine success, so you really must do what you need to do to get it right. … Read the rest of this entry

Forum Marketing Tips For Website Traffic

GT Bulmer | Forum Marketing GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

Here are a few forum marketing tips for website traffic because I believe online marketing forums are still a good source of traffic and branding if approached properly. Forums, to me, were the forerunners to today’s social media sites.

The best way to market in online forums is to become an active and contributing member. Provide quality information, answer questions and generally be helpful in any way possible. Your aim is to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, but leave the promoting and selling to your own website.

The two most important things you should do when you join a forum, before you begin posting, is review the guidelines for that forum, and set up your member profile and forum signature. … Read the rest of this entry

GT Bulmer | Article Marketing Sites GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

Article marketing sites can draw targeted traffic because content is still King in article directories. If you have a clear picture of who your prime prospects are and what they are looking for, you can reach out to them through directories.

Article directories exist for two main reasons. First, as a convenient repository of information for those seeking it; second, as a handy place for writers and marketers to post material that they believe will be of interest or benefit to others.

Of course, Internet Marketers quickly figured out that if they demonstrate their knowledge and expertise by posting quality articles filled with helpful insight and advice, prospects who read their articles just might be motivated to also visit their websites. And if they visit their website, they just might be motivated to buy something! . . . Read the rest of this entry

Keyword Research Tips

GT Bulmer | Keyword Research Tips GT Bulmer © Affiliate Power Central

The first step in becoming an Internet Marketing professional is learning and applying some basic search engine optimization (SEO) skills and the first step in being an effective optimizer is reviewing a few basic keyword research tips.

The more experienced you become, the deeper you can delve into your keyword research, but in the beginning the most important thing is to effectively optimize your website and all content you create with highly targeted keywords. There are a variety of resources and keyword tools available to help you with this process.

Targeted keywords are important because that is what your best prospects will use to find their way to your website, and the bottom line to Internet Marketing, SEO and keyword research is driving qualified traffic to your site. … Read the rest of this entry

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