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Quite literally, you can open your own fully stocked online store instantly – within minutes from now. Simply join our company as an online affiliate marketer and the moment you sign up, your store is ready to go!

The great thing is it comes already loaded with more than 90,000 items. And, if you have your own products or services to sell, you can list them in the store, too.

This is ideal whether you are new to Internet Marketing or you are already experienced. Our company also provides free training and resources, and it’s free to join, too! … Read the rest of this entry

This Writer Has Been Busy

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Where have I been, lately? It has been a few weeks since I posted here in my home business resources marketing blog. I’ll tell you where I have been: I have been busy with writing projects for offline writing clients.

For the past several years, May has been the busiest month of the year for me with client writing projects. I have a couple of major projects where the majority of the writing work occurs in May. The rest of the year, the projects are spaced out evenly, but in May, it all happens at once!

I’m not complaining (just a little stressed right now, LOL.) I enjoy what I do and my two main clients hold significant positions in our community, so I feel honoured to be the writer chosen to do their projects. … Read the rest of this entry

Steps to Start Your Internet Home Business

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Not everybody is interested in starting an Internet home business. Not everybody is cut out for it. What it takes is a unique individual with a clear interest in marketing and sales and a sincere initiative in pursuing that interest.

Anyone with any amount of experience working online already knows how to go about getting set up with a website, finding products, services or programs to promote as well as effective ways to advertise and market them.

This blog post is for the absolute beginner who is looking for a step-by-step process to get set up for business and begin marketing their home business online. … Read the rest of this entry

My Home Business Affiliate Focus

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My offline marketing activity is minimal. Local friends and family know me as a freelance writer who works from home. However, my online activity follows a different path. Here is a little bit of insight into my Internet home business affiliate focus.

I wasn’t involved online in the early days of the Internet, but I believe Affiliate Marketing began as a way for website owners to advertise products and services as an ‘affiliate’ of the supplier, earning affiliate income when their efforts produced sales.

Later, network marketing and multi-level marketing companies took to the Internet and introduced the process of building sales teams along with group volume commissions, bonuses and other rewards. … Read the rest of this entry

Give Your Home Business a Fresh Perspective

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Everybody needs a fresh start now and again. If you are totally new to Internet Marketing, or if you find yourself spinning your wheels in your current income opportunity, here is your invitation to begin with a new perspective.

What are the three key elements to a successful home business opportunity?

One, you need something to sell that people want to buy; Two, you need a proven marketing system that comes complete with marketing resources, training and support; and Three, you need to have true entrepreneurial spirit and drive. … Read the rest of this entry

Strolling Down Home Business Memory Lane

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Today, I am reminiscing. Let’s take a stroll down Memory Lane, back to the humble beginnings of my home business marketing career. It’s a long journey and I AM approaching my senior years, so settle in kids, this could be a long one!

Well, maybe it won’t be so long, but the story does go back almost four decades, back to the mid-seventies when I was a young man and just beginning to respond to the call of the entrepreneur.

One day, I saw an advertisement in a magazine or tabloid publication offering a book titled, “Plan for Mail Order Profits” written by David G. Baron. The ad did its job and I could not resist sending away for the book. I was not disappointed when it arrived. … Read the rest of this entry

Sell Your Stuff Online

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Do you have things laying around that you don’t want or need anymore? Who doesn’t! Here is a good way to sell your stuff online. It is easy and secure, and to help you get started, I will give you a FREE listing!

I am a member of the TripleClicks.com e-commerce shopping site. The site is designed to help match up sellers and buyers of all kinds of things, both new and used. There are almost 30 categories of products and services to choose from.

It is perfect for people who have things sitting around in closets, the attic, the basement or the garage. The way it works is you register as a member, you list your items, when they sell you are advised so you can ship the item and the sales proceeds are deposited to your TripleClicks.com member account. … Read the rest of this entry

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When you are considering home-based income opportunities, your best chance at success will result when you choose a home business idea that suits your personality. Some people do well with home parties; others do better online.

I have a friend in my little town that very recently joined a well-known company that focuses on home parties to market and sell their products. The company has been around for a very long time and is known for quality and dependability.

In a matter of weeks, my friend has risen to a leadership position with the company where she and her team are selling thousands of dollars of product and are earning both direct commissions and bonuses for their successful efforts. … Read the rest of this entry

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Affiliate Marketing is the ideal way to leverage your way to Internet home business success. Work from home, do business online and build a network of affiliates around the world, all working to help you earn income 24 hours a day.

Not all affiliate income programs are created equal. Some pay only for sales you make. Others reward you for sponsoring new affiliates into the business and you can earn commissions and benefits based on their purchases and sales.

Still others will reward you for building a network of affiliates that could run several generations deep. In other words, people you sponsor sponsor others, and they sponsor others and so on down through several levels or generations. … Read the rest of this entry

Start a Successful Home Business Today

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You can start a successful home business today and a year from now you will be happy that you made the decision to do so. Good things take time: the longer you wait to start, the longer it will be before you can enjoy the rewards.

Building a strong foundation for future financial success may not always be easy, but the steps you need to take do not have to be difficult. You just need a proven plan and the personal initiative to learn and apply the practices necessary to achieve your goal.

The problem that most aspiring entrepreneurs have is that either their goals are unclear, or they are not fully committed to the program and they fade away or quit before they start to see the fruit of their labour. Here is a plan that will bear fruit if you stick with it. … Read the rest of this entry

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