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How To Build Backlinks That Look Natural

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I’ve been reading about the importance of creating a natural backlink profile and want to share with readers a couple of ideas on how to build backlinks that come across as being natural. Do this if you want high search rankings that last.

We all know that the Google search engine and others have been stepping up their practice of tweaking and adjusting the search engine algorithms. Their aim is to improve the search experience for users. Their intentions seem to be honourable, but it has been causing trouble for Internet Marketers trying to keep up with best practices of search engine optimization.

It is no secret that one motivating factor for these constant updates is the tendency among some marketers to try to trick the system in order to get better search rankings. The result is that algorithm changes are made that can negatively affect all marketers, not just the offenders.

The best thing to do is to avoid questionable methods of link building and learn how to build backlinks that look natural. … Read the rest of this entry

Your Work at Home Internet Business Needs Focus

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If you are new to online marketing and are looking for a bit of helpful advice, what I would suggest to you is that your work at home Internet business needs some focus. What I mean is, you need to master your marketing skills one at a time.

This is something that one of my marketing mentors, Jeff Schuman, tells marketers who are struggling to build their businesses. He says that you need to focus on one form of marketing and become an expert at it.

The problem many marketers have is they try to do too much all at once. This results in them becoming a jack of many skills, but a master of none. To make progress, you must focus your efforts. … Read the rest of this entry

Promoting Your Unique Selling Points

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This post will look at promoting your unique selling points as a follow up to my previous post, “Have You Defined Your Unique Selling Proposition?” Properly identifying your USP and effectively promoting it is the key to your success.

In the previous post, I noted that your USP is the element of your product or service or your marketing style or the features of your business that set it apart from other similar products or businesses. I offered a few suggestions as to what this may be and how to determine it for your business, and I emphasized the value and importance of going through this process.

Today, we will touch on marketing with keywords, and identifying who your target market is and how to find or attract them. … Read the rest of this entry

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Every Internet Marketer “thinks” they know what their business is all about, but have you truly defined your unique selling proposition (USP)? It’s what sets you apart and can attract targeted prospects by the number. How clear is your USP?

You need to clearly identify what it is that makes your business – or how you do your business – different or unique. When so many home business and online marketers are trying to sell similar products and services and using the same or similar methods to do so, you really need to figure out some way to make your products or your website or your methods stand out in the crowd.

If there was a secret to success in business and marketing, that would be it: identifying, accentuating and publicizing your unique selling proposition with a very clear emphasis on the “unique” part. … Read the rest of this entry

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Does a home based Internet business mean more time freedom? That is a question asked recently in one of the online marketing forums that I frequent. Well, to answer the question, I have some good news and some bad news.

First, the bad news. Starting and running an Internet business from the comfort of your own home is the same as running any kind of business, whether online or offline or from any office or building located anywhere. It takes planning, dedication, effort and sometimes long hours.

There’s a lot that goes into making a business successful and there is more to an online business than just setting up a website and posting some keyword content. … Read the rest of this entry

Why I Appreciate My Home Based Online Business

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There are a lot of reasons why I enjoy working at home, but here is one big reason why I truly appreciate my home based online business: It allows me the freedom to “deal with life” when the unexpected happens.

Like many entrepreneurs who work from home, I have certain income goals that I am working towards. And I have a dream of getting this business running on auto-pilot to some degree to allow me even greater time freedom than I now enjoy.

But every once in a while “life” gets in the way and disturbs my daily and weekly schedule – and I am a person who likes to keep things on schedule. Compared to the trials many people face, the experience I am about to relate is more of an inconvenience than anything serious, but never-the-less, it was seriously stressful for me and my spouse. … Read the rest of this entry

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Online marketers were warned they would have to work hard to keep up with rapidly changing trends, and now, with the new shift to t-commerce, another leap in strategic marketing will become necessary. Are you up to the challenge?

Website Magazine reports in the article, The Next Game Changer, by Tom Nawara of the Acquity Group, that “Tablet sales are expected to soar, and Forrester estimates that one-third of online consumers will be using a tablet by 2015.”

The article goes on to highlight a comScore report that states, “Nearly half of today’s tablet owners have made purchases on their devices. The practice now known as t-commerce is taking off.”

Retailers, including online marketers, need to take notice of this shift in consumer practices and begin adjusting their marketing strategies accordingly. … Read the rest of this entry

My Search Engine Traffic Stats Are Down

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I like to check my website analytics reports everyday and one thing I’ve noticed over the past month is that my search engine traffic statistics have gone down in comparison to the referral traffic for this website.

The search engine stats used to run about equal with the referral traffic stats, but lately, the percentage for referral traffic has been higher; which suggests that the traffic coming from the search engines is lower.

On the surface, it might simply appear that I need to do more keyword marketing and article marketing. However, for more than a month now, I have been increasing my article submissions and blog posts, so I am going to point the finger at Google’s algorithm changes for this drop in search traffic. … Read the rest of this entry

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Just going through some notes and came across these tips for successful home based business websites. Thought I would share them with my readers and visitors! Maybe something will trigger an idea or some inspiration for you.

I consider myself to be a student of Internet Marketing and I’m always looking for ways to improve my marketing skills and my websites. It’s my belief that we should always be working on improving and growing.

Here goes – a few thoughts that come to mind regarding website design and presentation. … Read the rest of this entry

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You can pump up your earning ability through personal growth and development. In fact, success in every area of your life, whether business or personal, depends on your commitment to building your knowledge and skills.

I launched this website with the original intent of providing information and resources related to Affiliate Marketing and home business opportunities. However, I soon realized that many aspiring entrepreneurs could also benefit from some insight into personal development.

I like to share thoughts and ideas I have gleaned from training materials I have personally purchased from Brian Tracy International. It is my belief that anybody who takes the time to learn the basic characteristics needed for success and achievement will be happier, more productive and will contribute much more to their business, their family and their community in general. … Read the rest of this entry

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