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Over the years, a lot of people have been burned by questionable home-based Internet income opportunities. Even some well-meaning companies have run into problems living up to their promises. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few legitimate and trustworthy opportunities out there.

When looking for such an opportunity, what do people really want? What exactly are they looking for? And how can they tell whether or not a particular opportunity has the potential to deliver on its promises?

Today, I will try to answer those questions, based on my experience as a home business enthusiast. … Read the rest of this entry

Free Internet Business Training

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Here is a great source for free Internet business training. Yes, you do have to sign up as a member, but rest assured, there is no cost, now or ever, to sign up and access the training.

Training and a whole lot of other resources are available 24/7 in the Affiliate Center on the SFI Marketing Group website. Yes, there is an affiliate marketing business and compensation plan available, but it is totally optional. No cost. No obligation.

If all you want is the training, simply sign up, log in to the Affiliate Center, and click to the training and info pages that interest you the most. … Read the rest of this entry

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If you are a beginner struggling to find the secret to success with Internet Marketing, there are two things you should know: First, it is recommended to have your own website; Second, you really should use a qualified guide to help you set up your marketing website.

There are two main reasons why it is recommended to have your own website: First, to present yourself professionally as a serious marketer; Second, so that you have complete control over what you post on your site, what you promote, how you promote it and when to add or remove elements on your site.

You can get free websites from a variety of sources, and they will help you set up the site and learn how to use it, but they may also dictate what you can post on the site and how you use it. They may also force you to include their ads and promotions on your site. You don’t want that. … Read the rest of this entry

Earning Internet Income with

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Whether you are looking to begin an Internet home business, or looking to add to your existing online business, or simply want to make a few part-time dollars online now and again, here is a great source for earning Internet income. is an online e-commerce shopping site set up so sellers can sell their items and buyers can shop securely with full e-commerce services provided.

You can register to list and sell used items as a regular member or list and sell new products or services as a commercial seller. And if you choose, you can also take part in the SFI affiliate program and make some money referring others to the TripleClicks site. … Read the rest of this entry

My Reason for Shopping Cart Abandonment

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There is a lot of discussion in commercial business circles about the issue and “problem” of shopping cart abandonment. That’s where an online shopper places something in the checkout cart, but does not follow through with the purchase.

Many expensive studies have been commissioned and many analysts have devoted a lot of time to discussing this issue and its possible solutions.

Well, I don’t know about other online shoppers, but for me there is one primary reason why I abandon my shopping carts online and it has nothing to do with changing my mind about the item. … Read the rest of this entry

Website Traffic Tips for 2014

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It has become a real challenge for Internet Marketers to fully understand and apply the optimization rules for getting listed in the search engine results. But we still need visitors, so with or without the search engines, we need to find a way.

Search engine optimization has become “technical” once again and as a result, it is easy to get your site, or keywords for your site, delisted or banned from the search engines.

It has gotten to the point where a lot of marketers online have given up on organic traffic from the search engines and are simply focusing on other ways to attract traffic to their website. Here are a few website traffic tips for 2014. … Read the rest of this entry

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My last blog post had nothing to do with Internet Marketing. This post will highlight how to build your Internet home business with the SFI Marketing Group. It is a great way to make money online, if that’s what you are interested in.

I have been getting experience with various types of home-based businesses for a number of years and just like many other aspiring entrepreneurs, I have found my way to marketing online.

Not only can you build your business from the comfort of your home, but the Internet also makes it possible to quickly and easily reach many millions of prospects that you could not easily reach otherwise. … Read the rest of this entry

More Website Wisdom for Internet Marketers

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This is a follow-up to yesterday’s home business resources blog post, The Wisdom of a Website for Internet Marketing. In that post, I gave my top three reasons why you should have your own website for marketing online.

Today, I will offer a few more thoughts on the subject. Of course, everybody has their own reasons for marketing with or without a website, so please accept this as my perspective on the matter.

To paraphrase yesterday’s post in a few words, the three reasons for setting up your own site were Professionalism, Diversified Revenue Streams, and List-Building. … Read the rest of this entry

The Wisdom of a Website for Internet Marketing

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You don’t need your own website for Internet Marketing. You can use free blog sites, affiliate landing pages and other methods of marketing online. So, why go to the expense and responsibility of owning your own website?

I’m glad you asked! I have an opinion about that! My opinion is in favour of registering your own domain name and setting up your own website for marketing.

There are numerous reasons why this is a good idea and I will share a few of them here, today. If you are into Internet Marketing, or if you are considering the advantages and the income potential, read on! … Read the rest of this entry

The Myth of Easy Internet Income

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Real Internet income is possible, but overnight success and easy online income is a far bigger myth than the majority of income opportunity promoters are willing to admit. Their tactic is to entice you with wild dreams rather than reality.

That is why so many people fail to achieve their financial dreams online and become so discouraged and disillusioned: they are chasing unrealistic dreams.

Actually, earning income online IS easy! The hard part is making ENOUGH of it to become financially independent and completely self-sufficient. … Read the rest of this entry

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