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Internet Marketing Resources at Deep Discounts

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Here is a wonderful site online where you can get a variety of beneficial Internet Marketing resources at great prices. Many marketing aids are being offered every day at deep discounts. The good thing is, it’s free to join!

The site is called PromoPit. I have been a member since its inception almost two years ago and I regularly pick up great advertising resources that bring extra traffic to my website.

You can buy products and services at up to 95% off. You can sell your products. And you can earn sales commissions when new members you refer make purchases. Browse the PromoPit marketplace and you will see all the awesome resources available. … Read the rest of this entry

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In my previous Home Business blog post, I covered the first of two ways that I have been building my affiliate income with the SFI Marketing Group. In that post, I wrote about the benefits of Co-Sponsored Affiliates.

Today, I will write about Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSA). As the name indicates, these are affiliates that you personally recruit or sponsor into your SFI business.

There are several ways to attract, recruit and sponsor new members onto your SFI team, but I will highlight only two of them in this post. They are, one, purchasing guaranteed sign-ups from qualified suppliers, and two, winning PSAs in the Pricebenders auctions on the shopping site. … Read the rest of this entry

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Network Marketing has advantages over traditional sales and marketing. When you build a marketing team, you can reach a wider and more diverse prospect base than you might on your own. You leverage your time and your resources.

Duplication is fundamental to Network Marketing success and creating duplication is your major challenge and primary purpose. It is your responsibility. You may have been sponsored into a particular Internet income opportunity by someone else, but your success within that opportunity rests on your shoulders.

You are the leader. You must set the example. You set the pace. You can look to your sponsor or to leaders ahead of you in the marketing plan for insight, inspiration and guidance, but you are responsible for learning the steps to success and for coaching your team members and creating duplication down through the ranks in your network. … Read the rest of this entry

Heavy Hitters Hitting My Inbox Hard

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Over the years, I have managed to get on the e-mailing lists of a number of recognized “heavy hitters” in the Internet Marketing industry. Every single day, these guys are hitting my email hard with the next, best, latest, greatest offer of the month!

Every single day. New, guaranteed-to-succeed money-making offers. Sometimes a few different offers from the same heavy hitter in the same day!

Judging by their testimonials, these guys must be absolutely swimming in cash because every single offer they send me promises to be the be-all, end-all of Internet income and making money online. Did I mention they send new and different offers every day? … Read the rest of this entry

Fast Track to Financial Reward Online

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Most aspiring Internet Marketers take the cautious approach to creating Internet income. They invest little capital, little effort and little time into their home business and as a result, they receive little, if any, reward.

If you want to get on the fast track to financial reward online, you are going to have to change your thinking and make an honest commitment. That will mean making a true investment in your business, taking a leadership role, and adopting a do or die attitude.

Sounds harsh, but the competition online is tougher than it ever has been before and if you expect to win, you are going to have to take some bold steps. If you think you are ready for this, then read on. … Read the rest of this entry

Get Internet Marketing Training Two Easy Ways

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Wouldn’t it be nice to get the Internet Marketing training you need right from the comfort of your own home? Wait a minute! The Internet makes that very easy to do! You just need to find a reputable source for the training.

Let me make it easy for you. Here are two ways to access an excellent Internet income training guide: one is free and available online 24/7; the other is in book form and can be purchased from my e-commerce shopping site.

Free is great, but to get the free version you need to sign up for the SFI Marketing Group affiliate program. Nothing wrong with that. There is no cost to join and never any purchase obligation. Buy if you don’t want to join another affiliate program, then just buy the book. … Read the rest of this entry

Real Internet Income Fast and Easy

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If you want to earn real Internet income, the trick to doing it is really easy: you just need to find something to sell that people want, and then sell lots of it! Once you have perfected this process, making money online is fast and easy.

However … for most aspiring home business Internet Marketers, the hard part is learning how to market and sell effectively online. You might hear quite a few “success stories” but in reality most people take years to develop this type of money-making skill, and very few are able to perfect it to the point of becoming a full time income.

So, where does that leave you as an online entrepreneur? Well, while the bad news is that making money online is seldom fast and easy, the good news is that it IS possible with some vision, planning, effort, dedication and commitment. … Read the rest of this entry

More Online Article Writing Tips

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A few weeks ago I posted a number of basic tips for Web content writing. This will be a follow up to that post. Please read on for a few more online article writing tips.

First off, whether you are writing articles for the Web or for any other medium, it is good practice to include answers to the questions of who, why, where, when, what and how. If you are writing with the reader in mind, and if your aim is to produce quality articles, answering some or all of these questions is a must.

Second, pay attention to grammar and spelling. This is all part of quality control and professionalism. Your reputation and success as an Internet Marketer depends on the image you portray and the more professional your articles are, the more credibility you will gain as a serious and dependable marketer. … Read the rest of this entry

Tips for Web Content Writing

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Successful Internet Marketing is dependent to a large degree on effective content creation. Everything you do with your online business is related in some way to writing. Here are a few tips for various kinds of Web content writing.

This information is available in greater detail in the Content Creation Handbook, a home business resource that I recommend and sell. Let me share some key points with you that I think you might find informative and helpful.

As you may know, everybody, from bloggers to e-book creators, content creators, video marketers and more, uses content either directly or indirectly to market or promote something, or to inform their targeted prospects or existing customers. … Read the rest of this entry

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Do you like free resources? How about an Internet Marketing training course that covers everything from the history of affiliate programs to an introduction to Internet traffic, blogging, social networking and much more?

The course is totally free, accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and other than the requirement to register as a member, there are no strings attached, no purchase requirements now or ever and never any obligation.

Simply sign up, access the Affiliate Center on the site, click the “Internet Income” link under the Training tab and you’re there! The course is now up to nearly 80 lessons that you can review anytime you want at your own leisure. … Read the rest of this entry

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