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Quite by accident, my previous post is the perfect lead-in to today’s post! Today I will highlight an excellent Summer Olympic Challenge for enthusiastic Internet Marketers. My previous post highlighted the Olympics in a different way.

In that post, I related some of the Olympic 2012 events to elements of marketing online. In this post, I will tell you about a great contest for marketers where you can win some nice prizes (more than $1,000 worth!) while learning and practicing some highly beneficial Social Marketing skills.

In my opinion, the best thing about this contest is that you are going to win one way or the other. Even if you don’t win one of the several prizes, you are going to develop some important marketing skills that will drive more traffic to your website and your business is going to improve. … Read the rest of this entry

Olympic Games of Successful Internet Marketing

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What can successful Internet Marketing enthusiasts learn from the Olympic Games? Faster, Higher, Stronger. Striving to be the best at what we do. Persevering through all obstacles and setbacks. How about that?

Just for fun, let’s do a comparison between some of the Olympic events and some of the practices of marketing online.

By the way, the ancient Olympic Games were held in Olympia, Greece, from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD. The modern games are governed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), founded by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1894. … Read the rest of this entry

Easy Niche Marketing Strategy

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Home business opportunities just don’t get any easier than this. Making money online is all about having the right niche marketing strategy and if you’re new to the business, here is an easy way to launch a professional niche website.

The biggest roadblocks to getting started and being successful online are knowing how to set up a website, how to monetize it and how to market it. You can get all kinds of training all over the Internet, but there is still a huge, huge learning curve and a process of trial and error you will likely have to go through.

What if there was a service that gave you a niche website, already built, already loaded with niche-related products and already set up with pages of related content? This blog post will tell you about such a service. You just have to choose a niche and start marketing it. … Read the rest of this entry

Try This Email Autoresponder Free

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Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. I’ve been promoting the GetResponse email autoresponder system for years because of the value, but I completely forgot there is a FREE TRIAL OFFER for those who want to test it first!

The primary purpose of an autoresponder is to help you automate your email marketing and simplify the technical aspects of it. I can’t imagine what home based Internet Marketers did before systems like GetResponse were made widely available.

When you use GetResponse, you can quickly create professional newsletters designed for email. It takes just minutes to create and send them to your subscriber list and then the system will track the results for you. It’s a great way to test the effectiveness of your presentations and pitches. … Read the rest of this entry

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The home Internet business enthusiast faces numerous challenges when developing an independent enterprise and there are three particular obstacles to success that seem to catch up many aspiring marketers.

Your experience and perspective may be different, because Internet Marketing encompasses a very broad field of business activity, but these three examples are challenges I have experienced personally and have observed in other Affiliate Marketers.

Success online is certainly possible, and there are many other factors to learn and master than just these three, but in my opinion, these are foundational. … Read the rest of this entry

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A huge restructuring is taking place in the online marketing world and now more than ever you need an Internet Marketing mentor. There are just too many changes taking place for the average marketer to keep up with.

The search engines have been making major changes to how they view, assess and rank websites. Laws and regulations governing online business and marketing practices have been or are being tightened up. Even the popular social networking sites are restructuring or refocusing their services and applications.

As a result of these changes, the best practices of online business and marketing are shifting and methods and processes that worked fine yesterday no longer work as well today. Search engine optimization in general and backlinking in particular are perfect examples. … Read the rest of this entry

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There are many aspects involved in building a successful Internet Marketing business, and starting out right by creating a focused and effective website marketing plan is one of them. Planning could be your most important step.

Your chances to achieve the level of online success that you desire will be greatly enhanced by the quality of the planning you do beforehand. There are a couple of foundational areas that should be determined right from the start.

This post will touch briefly on the goal of your marketing campaign, budgeting considerations, checking out the competition, and developing your own unique identity. … Read the rest of this entry

What is a Squeeze Page?

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What is a Squeeze Page? I did not fully understand what it was or what the purpose of it was when I was first starting up my home based Internet business. With my limited understanding, I couldn’t see the point of it.

Everybody around me at that time was promoting the use of squeeze pages, but I just could not understand why you would send someone to a page like that when what you really wanted them to do was visit your main website.

However, as with most learning episodes, I began to understand the purpose and value of such pages and even began to use them for my own Internet Marketing purposes! Here is a quick primer on the topic, just in case you didn’t already know the answer. … Read the rest of this entry

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I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath to learn the true secret to success for online marketing, so today I will finally reveal it: The essence of success for an Internet business or any endeavour comes down to creating an action plan.

Sure, there are a variety of steps involved in deciding what business you will do and how to set it up, fund it, market it and so on, but the rubber simply doesn’t meet the road until your business is ready to roll and you begin taking action to move it forward.

That means marketing it and promoting it so your targeted prospects hear about it and are attracted to your website to learn more about it. Here are some specific suggestions for creating an action plan for your Internet business. … Read the rest of this entry

Quick Start Internet Marketing Blogs

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Here is a way to quickly and cheaply set up a website and test whether or not a certain niche market is to your liking. For less than twenty bucks each, you can launch quick-start Internet Marketing blogs and get into business fast.

Niche marketing is one of the recommended ways to do business online these days. Blogging is a popular way to market and promote your products and services. The WordPress website platform makes it very easy to launch a professionally designed website that can be quickly monetized and loaded with niche-related articles and other content.

It used to be both difficult and expensive for the average home based business person to launch and maintain a website. Once up and running, the last thing you wanted to do was make major changes or change your marketing focus. However, today’s technology makes this both easy and economical. … Read the rest of this entry

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