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Zig Ziglar said, “You can’t fly with the eagles if you continue to scratch with the turkeys.” The turkeys in life are negative and pessimistic. They lack motivation, drive and the will to improve through personal development activities.

A determined focus on self improvement is the one key quality that sets successful high achievers apart from unsuccessful dreamers and underachievers.

You will do more to advance your career, your profession, your home business, your family life and your social relationships by engaging in a regular, ongoing program of self improvement than by almost any other activity. … Read the rest of this entry

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Successful home business entrepreneurs apply a variety of skills to achieve their goals, not the least of which is the use of effective time management resources. Increase your productivity and you accelerate your success.

Everybody talks about learning to manage their time better, but how many truly make an effort to do it? Most of us are too busy – or maybe too disorganized or unstructured – to “make the time” for it.

Brian Tracy, who is a recognized business coach and a leader in personal development and advanced achievement techniques, has a series of resources designed to help you get better organized. Even better, for the next several days you can get some of these training aids for up to 60% off!Read the rest of this entry

Hot Deals Online, Personal Development, One Week

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Here is your chance to keep your resolutions and get some expert personal development training at a steep discount! Brian Tracy’s 2013 Inventory Blowout SaleBrian Tracy's Inventory Blowout Sale is on now and runs until February 13. Don’t miss these hot deals online!

The New Year is officially in full swing and for many people that means their New Year’s resolutions are underway. But did you know that up to 80% of people who make resolutions at the beginning of the year fail at them by January 20?

That is a startling statistic! How are you coming with your resolutions? If personal development is on your list – and let’s face it, it SHOULD be because all success depends on it – then you will be wise to check out the deals Brian is offering over the coming week. … Read the rest of this entry

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Successful people exemplify a variety of qualities and habits and the one that seems to always be at the top of most lists is “focus.” Talk to high achievers and they will tell you that focus is pivotal for maximum personal achievement.

Brian Tracy tells us that successful people develop positive habits that support their major goals. He points out that the good habits we adopt influence our effectiveness, how much we earn, how much recognition and respect we get and even how much satisfaction we enjoy in the things we do.

Many of Brian’s personal achievement programs highlight the purpose and value and critical importance of developing the habits of focus and concentration. He notes that these two qualities can be applied to all areas of our life, whether personal or business. … Read the rest of this entry

How to Accelerate Personal Success in 2013

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This might be for you, or it might be the perfect resource for an aspiring achiever that you know. It is a personal development book, with bonuses, designed to help anybody accelerate their personal success in 2013 and beyond.

I don’t know how the tradition started, but this seems to be the time of year when people are looking ahead, perhaps looking to make a new beginning or a fresh start. They are more open to consider handy guides that can help the process; resources that will show them the quickest, easiest way to make the changes they desire.

Personally, when I am focusing on any kind of self-improvement or personal development, I go to the resource shelves in my home office and although I have books, audio programs and motivational videos from a variety of recognized leaders in the field, there is one person that I turn to first for information and inspiration. … Read the rest of this entry

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So much of our success and happiness revolves around personal development planning and a commitment to self-improvement. When we improve our skills and abilities, we strengthen our confidence and our competence.

I know there are times when our natural abilities shine through, but they are usually quite spontaneous and can seldom be anticipated. It’s great when it happens, but you can’t depend on it or build your future on it.

What you really need to do is focus your efforts and plan a definite program of purposeful self-improvement. … Read the rest of this entry

Personal Development Programs Make Awesome Gifts

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It’s that time of the year when many people are thinking about gift shopping. Here is something to consider: some people are really into self-improvement, so in those instances, personal development programs make awesome gifts!

There are a lot of people who enjoy themes of success and achievement, so what better gift to get them than an audio program that helps them better understand and develop the personal skills they need to reach their goals?

You can find self-help and personal development programs on a wide range of topics; pretty much something for everybody. Here are a few examples: … Read the rest of this entry

How to Reinvent Your Career and Your Life

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Some people are happy with the way things are. Others dream of something better. Some may even be hurting for some positive changes but they don’t know what to do. Here is some insight into how to reinvent your career and your life.

Although I am a freelance writer, I am also an active Internet Marketer, learning how to make money online with my home business. It’s not a quick process, but I am making progress.

Your career focus may be different, but one thing we likely have in common is a desire to discover and apply our true potential. We want to find our place in life, discover what it is that we do best, make a difference in the lives of those we serve AND achieve a state of personal satisfaction for having done so. That’s not too much to ask, is it? … Read the rest of this entry

Laws of Success Not Made to be Broken

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People used to say that laws were made to be broken. While pushing the boundaries may work for some things, there are some areas where you are better off following the proven path. The laws of success are one of these areas.

Achievers in life typically work longer, push harder and reach further than others with less drive and ambition. That doesn’t mean they have to actually work harder or blaze new trails. They just have to be alert for better, more productive ways to get things done.

When you ask achievers what their secret to success was, one of the answers you will commonly get is that they learned some valuable techniques from other successful people who had travelled the path before them. In this instance, it is quite acceptable to be a follower! … Read the rest of this entry

Maximum Achievement Means Recognizing Opportunity

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Everybody wants to be the best they can be, but we don’t always take advantage of the opportunities sitting in front of us. Sometimes, maximum achievement just means being able to recognize and take action on those opportunities.

Two key elements of success are recognizing opportunity and having the skills or abilities to act on it: The recognition part might come down to experience or alertness; the skills and abilities part, on the other hand, can be developed and directed.

It’s all about personal development, self-improvement and planning for our future success. If you clearly know what you want and where you want to go, you will be able to identify and build the exact skills you need to get there. … Read the rest of this entry

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